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A Visit to Serious Male Bondage

By Mikey

They freed me from the neoprene sack, after struggling so much, I was covered in sweat and drool from the gag, but very happy and turned on. Mark had set up a standing metal cage in the corner closet, so Dalton grabbed a Mr. S leather straightjacket, and they put me in it, wearing nothing by my Wescos. Daddy Tony strapped it up nice and tight too, making sure the sleeve buckles went underneath the loops on the side of the jacket, and cinching up the strap on the forearms nice and tight!

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I love these guys

Check out Daddy Tony and Mikey


When I was in San Francisco a few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Daddy Tony and his boy, Mikey. They are both into serious bondage — and they are EXTREMELY perverted, so we had lots to talk about.

Check out some of the action these guys got into a while back involving a flight suit, a gas mask, industrial rubber gloves, duct tape and the infamous BONDAGE CHAIR at Serious Male Bondage:

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Daddy Tony and Mikey are now living in Seattle, and you can find them over at the No Safe Word site and podcast.