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By PFC Pflege

(This story originally appeared at Bondagezine.com)

I was twenty-four when I was outposted from the Marine Corps, and returned to Philadelphia. I was lean, I was hard, I had a military haircut, and the Marine Corps “look”. After I got set up in an apartment, and was back at my old job, I soon was hitting the local gay bar scene. Philadelphia’s gay community wasn’t very big back then – not  very big now – and there were only4 or 5 gay bars. I discovered that a whole lot of gays had a thing about Marines, and I didn’t lack for dates, and in 18 months or so, I must have had a couple of hundred guys, sometimes two a night. I liked lean, hard guys like myself, and I liked to fuck. I also discovered that there was no end of guys who wanted to suck off a Marine.

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The Execution


stories by CREUSSThe squad was progressing under cover, along the hill. We were to walk round the enemy camp, and take them from behind.  The Lieutenant gave us this mission, not to overtake them, but to create a second attack, at the same time our forces would invade them from the other side. They call that strategy.  It was a realistic training, against the paras, but we did not fear them!

The leading NCO ordered two of us (me and a good mate) to strip naked but the underpants, cover us with dust and earth, and crawl as close as possible to the camp. We had a river to cross swimming; so naked was better (if not, we would be soaked and noisy when getting to the enemies.)  So we did, and we took the path we were indicated. Others were to walk a longer distance, to get there, taking a bridge about 5km further. Our scout expedition would help to get quickly and safely to the enemies, and save time the attack.  We took the time to be very cautious, and quiet as it would be stupid to be discovered now and let them guess our tactics.

Eventually, we found ourselves very close to their camp. We could see them but not be seen. As the Lieutenant thought, they had very few defences toward the river, as they were expecting us to attack from the other way.  We decided to split up, and my mate made a tour around the camp to have a better view behind the rocks on the left side.  I saw him crawling and moving slowly, toward the spot he wanted to get to.  I would be able to see him from my spot but he won’t be able to see me when he got there.

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How the Army Buried Me in the Ground


stories by CREUSSHere is a real story again.

It happened about 25 years ago when I was a soldier. I spent 7 years in the army from age 17 to age 24. We were all professionals, that has to be said, as the military service still existed in those days. As the “elite” of the army, discipline was hard and rough so punishment for misconduct or any failure could be severely inflicted.  We were quite often training in battlefield conditions. Usually, it was a matter of 3 nights and 4 days per training session but it could be longer, of course.

You probably noticed that when you are in a barracks, there is always a place used and/or called the “prison.”  It is not always pleasant to visit, but it happens.  Anyway, when you are outdoors for a few days, there isn’t a fixed prison, so the officers (I am unable to share with you the exact division of the army that I belonged to, let it suffice to say that we were the crème de la crème and the best of the best) have found a simple way to handle “convicts” for over a century – sorry, no pix available.

Here is my first experience:

Actually, I will start my story as my punishment began.  All day long, we were undergoing map reading and compass training. But for some reason I got lost and got back to the campsite quite late – far too late, actually.  I was yelled at until my commander was hoarse and would be punished overnight for my inability to follow orders.

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Military Prison Uniforms

The following pictures and information come from “P.O.W.” and he tells me this was inspired by The Detention Center and Volunteers Needed.

POW chain collar with padlock

P.O.W. writes,

Dear CO,

As a frequent visitor to your blog, SIR, your work and effort is greatly appreciated.

SIR, a few weeks ago a list of guidelines for a detention center was posted. It is this humble prisoner’s recommendation that a ward should be added for military personnel. The attached photos provide suggestions for their uniform to be designated for certain tasks such as sleep, work, inspection, etc.

[nggallery id=181]

Military bearing is quite important for all detainees and must be strictly adhered to. Of particular interest are the POW_POV images in which prisioners are locked in cells in the floor while they watch their guards/wards perform marching drills or attend muster.

Additional uniform requirements not pictured:

gag (unless otherwise authorized for “special” duties)

jock strap

shaved head

Very Respectfully,


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Surviving the Cut – Special Forces Diver

I saw this last night for the first time, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

There’s a new series on The Military Channel called Surviving The Cut, and one episode in particular is the hottest thing I have seen on TV in a LONG time!

It’s about a group of elite military men who are in training to become special forces rescue divers. These men are all in peak physical condition to begin with, and they are subjecting themselves to eight weeks of grueling training.

In one phase of the course, called “Drownproofing,” the men must demonstrate that they can control their fear. For the exercise, their hand are bound behind their backs and their feet are bound, and they must bob in the water for 5 minutes, float on the surface for 2 minutes, swim the circumference of the pool while still tied, then perform front and back flips underwater, then retrieve a mask from the bottom of the pool using just the mouth, then bob up and down five more times. They do this while wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts.




Part 1

stories by CREUSSI was enjoying spending a couple of hours, on weekends, at my local café… Not for drinking, but for the company… It was a nice friendly place, where some legionnaires used to come and have a drink too!

Not a noisy place, or somewhere they were drinking too much, but a place where they used to come and have a rest.

Actually, it was not a “bar à soldats”, where they were most of the customers, as they exist around stations, or barracks, but a place where they sometimes come, where they expect to be no more than “normal” customers…

As a matter of fact, weeks after weeks, it became obvious that most of the soldiers here were regular customers, and actually, they were quite a few to come… probably no more than 15 from the local barracks… but every week-end, 3 to 5 were always here…

I started to get used to see them after a few months, and they were used to the locals too! But they did not mix with the public easily…

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Intercepted in a Train


stories by CREUSSOnce more, it is a true story …

As you will discover in the text, I was not “100% conscious” at all time, so I will tell you things how they happened really, not as I felt them on the spot. To make the text easier to read, I will also include at their place some facts I did not know, but I’ve been told later then…

I was young. I was well built, sporty and in good shape. Since the previous year, I had my hair cut high and tight, even if it was not exactly the US army regulations … anyway, I was looking like either a young soldier or a skinhead…

Summer was hot, and I passed my exams the month before. It was time to decide what to do for my future…

I always had a fascination for the army. My family was not accepting it, as they were rather antimilitarist. Anyway, I took the benefit of my summer break to tour around and get information about what I could do. After the army career centre I had all I need on the administration side. But I wanted to know more about the real life in the army…

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