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Punishment Cell at the Citadel Correctional Boot Camp – Part 01

By Jockboy

It all happened at once. The capture hood came off at the same time I was jolted with a shock from the punishment collar around my neck.

I had been manhandled and stripped in a surprise abduction 24 hours before it was scheduled, then spent hours being transported in the trunk of a car. Not a word had been spoken. I had no clothes, no money, no ID, and no phone

Now I was standing naked outside what looked like a brig cell. I was naked except for my handcuffs and leg irons. The sweat was streaming down the valley in my pecs like a river. My huge biceps and washboard, six-pack abs never seemed so useless as I screamed in pain from the electroshock.

Then I heard the words I’ll never forget from my unseen captor.

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Brig Story – Part 07

By Tommy Guns

A few minutes after Dr. Ira left me, two of the Corpsmen I knew from the unit came in and unlocked the restraints from my ankles. They gently lifted me to my feet and guided me down the passageway to one of the private rooms off the main ward. One of the Corpsmen, Charlie, asked me if I was going to give them a problem with the restraints, but I told them I was ready. They guided me over to the bed and told me to lie down on my stomach. They unbuckled the straight jacked and told me to turn over on my back.

I did as I was told, and they removed the jacket completely. I asked them if I could use the head before they restrained me, but they told me it would be bed pans for the next few days. Charlie told me to lie down and they fastened a leather restraint to each of my ankles, and locked them. Next came a tether belt that was run from each ankle and locked to the railing on each side of the bed. This was followed by wrist restraints that were locked on and similarly tethered to the side rails. Finally, a wide leather strap was placed across my chest, under my arms, and tethered to each side of the railings as well.

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USS New Jersey brig

What kind of pervert would take a tour of a famous battleship, then head right for the BRIG? A Metalbond reader, of course. Check out the picture below and the information sent in by an anonymous reader of this blog:



Dear Metal,

The New Jersey was very cool. I took the self-guided tour, and enjoyed the berthing areas, Marines’ compartments — and the brig. There are no sinks or toilets in the brig cells, so the prisoners have to be escorted by a Marine to the head. I’m guessing they’re cuffed and/or shackled for the excursion. There are three cells right next to each other, each just barely bigger than the fold down bunk. Inmates were only served bread and water in the brig, for up to three days. If longer than three days, they were escorted by the Marines to the mess deck.

—from a reader


Metal would like to thank the reader for sharing this brig picture. Anyone else who has experience with a brig is invited to get in touch via email!


Training Center

Author unknown

I rented a car at the Kansas City airport and drove towards Springfield as I had been directed.  I had read about the Training Center in a leather magazine and decided I was ready to try it myself.  I had been working on my physical condition for over a year and was now not in bad shape for a 30 year old.  For reasons I can’t entirely describe, the scene I wanted to act out was that of a sailor sentenced to do hard brig time.  I had read in the article about the psychology of confinement and the various levels and decided I wanted to try a very strict regime.

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