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The Speed Trap – Part 08

By Rubrpig

It seemed strange working in the kitchen with my boys but we were all naked and wore collars. I knew that I was still their Sir but my Sir was relaxing in the front room dressed in my heavy leathers. I smiled at the thought and my boys noticed. My part-time boy looked at me and asked if I was ok with what happened? I nodded and told him that I was and that his father was going to be a strong firm Sir to me. He smiled and told me that he was happy that his father seemed to be happier and more relaxed that he had ever been. He guessed that his father was relieved that the secret was out and that he could be his true self around us his new leather family at least. I nodded and told him that things would work out.

We finished making dinner and I went to get my Sir. We waited by the table as he walked in and sat down. He pointed to the chair on his left and told me to sit and I obeyed. The boys were told to sit on his right side. He watched as they sat and we all started eating. He asked me why I had the boys locked up in chastity devices and I told him that the devices helped to keep them focused on serving me and my needs.

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A New Colleague — Part 04

By Suitandbondagelover

My boss, so strict and demanding at work, used my mouth for his pleasure. All the sensations go through my head, anguish, fear, and embarrassment but also pleasure.

My boss then takes my face in his hands and kisses me. My breath must smell of cum and all the cocks I’ve been forced to suck. He doesn’t seem to mind that.

In my ear the voice of Master Paul speaks to me again. You spent your first night as a prisoner. You were great and the Masters had a lot of fun with you. You will be freed from the Pillory and I will take off the collar and the hood. Your first task will be to rectify your outfit and make it as less wrinkled as possible. We will have a drink at the bar so that you find all your means.

Once released, I pull up my pants, adjust my tie and close my jacket. Master Paul supports me and we go to the bar. He sits me down on a stool. My head is spinning a bit. The other prisoners are also released. Master Paul asks me to sign a document in which I agree not to reveal to anyone what happened tonight. I agree and sign it.

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Island Master UK – Part 15

By Wakeysub

[I hope you are still enjoying the story – it’s odd when I write these as I have no way to know how they are being received. I always assume that my interests are fairly niche and therefore readers may not enjoy the direction the story is going in. This means that it’s great to get your feedback either here or on my Recon account as it lets me know that it’s actually getting read. If you have any suggestions for where the story should go let me know. I think it’s safe to say that this is turning into the holiday of a lifetime.]

He moved quickly up the steps and across the clearing to the main hall. We moved through the hall and stopped in front of a large panel. Master West placed a metal harness over my head and closed the straps below my arms. It fitted perfectly, hugging my body tightly and framing my nipples. He checked the positioning and fit. When he was happy, he directed me to lie on the ground face down. I knelt and lay on the cold tiled floor.

He took my left ankle and then pulled my left arm back, so my wrist and ankle were aligned. He pressed the two restraints together and they locked together. He repeated with my right wrist and ankle putting me into a tight hogtie. He picked up a large syringe from a box and inserted it into my asshole. He pushed the nozzle in deep and I moaned as I felt him filling my ass with thick viscous lube.

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Male tickle torture: Not the feet!

Meanwhile at My Friends Feet, Joey is one of the most ticklish guys on earth – and he just happens to be one of the hottest muscle daddies too. Casey Cooper is an excellent tickler, and he drives Joey practically insane with his merciless strokes. He does an especially good job of making Joey plead, “Not the feet!” before utterly destroying the bruiser with feathers and fingers on Joey’s big soles and sensitive armpits.

Casey Cooper is an excellent tickler

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Joey Tickled By Casey

Models in this video: Joey J and Casey Cooper

male bondage tickle

Foot worship with Dominic Pacifico

One of my favorite porn stars, Dominic Pacifico, shows off in his business suit in this foot worship video at My Friends Feet

Dominic Pacifico

Handsome boss Dominic always looks fantastic, but he looks especially great when he is clad in dress socks and office attire. He is in a relaxed mood today at the office. His laid-back demeanor is perfect for a feet-up photo shoot. He props his feet up and takes his shoes off to expose the black gold toe socks. I can still smell those musky dress socks! Then he slowly takes the socks off to show me his wide soles. He has sexy wrinkly soles and an awesome body that make coming to (and in) the office much more enjoyable.

Dom Pacifico

See this video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Dominic Pacifico’s Size 10 Feet & Socks

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Dominif Pacifico Raw Hole

Tickle torture for a muscular ref

Everyone in town knows that Braden Charron, referee for all PeeWee and regular football games, is extremely ticklish. Word gets around, you know. One of Braden’s calls was so out of bounds that the men over at My Friends Feet decided to get some revenge. Braden is so ticklish everywhere that breaking him down isn’t extremely hard, but it’s still extremely fun. His socked feet, armpits, neck, sides, navel and bare soles are tickled mercilessly.

Braden is so ticklish

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Referee Braden Tickled

male bondage tickle torture

Real Estate

By slavebladeboi

Dan looked down over his real estate, or at least that’s what he called it. It measured a mere 5 foot 10 inches, had hazel eyes, light brown hair, 29 years old, and was moderately muscled in a healthy way rather than with a full-time gym membership.

At the moment it was lying on a bench that Dan had made specifically for the purpose. Good thick timber legs holding the 8-foot length at waist height, the bed of the bench being planks covered in a thick rubber layer with just enough “give” to show an indentation if you stuck your thumb into the surface. Sturdy leather straps held the limbs and body in more or less any position you wanted as long as what you wanted was either arms at the sides as if it were standing or outstretched as if it were being racked. This was enough choice for Dan.

The piece of furniture and its occupant were both reasonably new to the cellar in which they were situated, having been in one case made there, in the other brought there, just two weeks ago.

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