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Every Dog Has His Day

By Thunder

I first met Master Jake on the Internet, when he responded to an ad I had placed looking for someone to help guide me and teach me about being a human dog. I had always had the desire to explore this and had played from time to time, but the desire was building and I found it definitely time to explore this part of life I wanted more and more. I should back up and tell you a bit about me. I am 38 years old, 6’4”, 205 pounds, a journalist, masculine, athletic and in pretty good shape. I don’t have much family, so this type life is a bit easier due to this. I live and work in a smaller Midwest city that is not known for it’s kink prowess, although I never had trouble finding men to date.

Anyway, it was about 3 weeks after I placed the ad that Master Jake contacted me. He emailed that he was a stern man who already owned 3 full time human dogs and was seeking at least one or two more to complete the pack he had always sought. Master Jake was in his early 50’s, a retired military lawyer who now owned a small farm in Southern Georgia where he lived with the dogs. He volunteered that he was a man of wealth through family money and good investments and worked now managing his money and other’s primarily from the farm, although he did maintain a small office in town and practiced law there when needed. Around this small town he was known as a very good man who was a bit authoritative even with others from time to time. A few people in the area knew of his BDSM inclinations and one or two knew of the dogs and served as dog-sitters when he traveled for personal or business reasons.

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Rough puppy play with Dominic Pacifico and Alex Hawk

At Bound Gods, Master Dominic Pacifico transforms his new slave Alex Hawk into his own personal pet, where he’s mercilessly beaten, fucked deep and covered in cum

Master Dominic Pacifico, clad in full leather, walks into the dungeon to find a sleeping slave lying naked in his cage. Alex Hawk is awoken and dragged out of his cage by his collar and ordered to worship Master Pacifico’s leather. The new slave pulls out his new master’s bulging cock and swallows it to the hilt as Master Pacifico beats his backside with a paddle. Dominic then transforms his eager slave into his personal pet, a puppy-tail butt plug shoved up his ass and latex mask to complete the puppy transformation. Bound on all fours, Alex swallows his master’s cock as the sting of the flogger whips against his exposed ass. Flipped over on his back, the bound pup has a series of clothespins clamped onto his aching balls as the flogger mercilessly beats him to a pulp, all while he’s ordered to howl like a beast. A violet wand replaces the puppy-tail plug, penetrating Alex’s tight hole as it electrocutes his insides. Master Pacifico then plunges his fat uncut cock into his pet’s ass, pounding away before bursting a geyser of cum all over the bound pup’s eager face.

Models in this shoot: Dominic Pacifico, Alex Hawk

Title: The Pup Master – Introducing: Master Pacifico

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Turned into a dog by a dominant twink

Brutal Tops introduces horny new Master Aiden, who appears to viciously damage this pathetic sub.

gay_bondage_brutaltops_01 gay_bondage_brutaltops_02 gay_bondage_brutaltops_03 gay_bondage_brutaltops_04 gay_bondage_brutaltops_05

Slim, psychotic Aiden orders his sub to strip before tying him up and then lashing him like a dog and pulling him around. The worthless runt is defenceless to stop the mistreatment as Aiden rides on top of him and shackles a mouth gag onto his complaining gob. Then the Master tramples on the captive’s pathetic dick before pushing a dog-tail butt plug up his rear and riding him around again. Finally, the runt has to deeply suck the Master’s impressive dick – reaming on it as it jams into the back of his throat.



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Changes …

By Rubrpig

Alan slowly woke up and stretched. Looking over at the sleeping form of his partner Robert he smiled and stretched again. Standing up he scratched his furry chest as he walked to the bathroom. Standing before the toilet, he grabbed his semi hard cock and began to piss. The dark yellow piss stream arced into the bowl. Shaking the drops from the head of his cock and the 2 gauge PA he turned and walked over to the sink and got a glass of water. Looking out the window, he decided that a morning swim in the pool would feel good. Grabbing a dark blue Speedo from the drawer he pulled it over his heavy muscled furry legs and over his butt.

Walking through the bedroom, he headed downstairs and out to the backyard pool. Diving in he spent 20 minutes swimming laps in the pool, and then hoisted himself out and sat on the edge of the pool. Hearing the sliding door open, he turned and smiled as Robert walked over carrying 2 mugs of coffee. Handing one to Alan, Robert pulled over a chair and sat down. Alan smiled at Robert and told him that it had been a great time at the bar last night. Robert agreed and smiled as he said, “those 2 boys were certainly willing and able.” Despite the warnings of their friends that a relationship between 2 confirmed leather tops wouldn’t work but it did. After 4 years together both men were still happy and committed to each other.

Just then the phone rang and Robert got up and walked into the house to answer it. He shortly came back carrying the portable phone and handed it to Alan. Alan looked up and saw that Robert’s face was troubled. Alan took the phone and said Hello and then began to listen to the caller.

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For anyone who ever wanted to see THIS bully get taken down a peg or two …

… check out this feature, over at Brutal Tops:

gay bondage

It only takes a few strokes of BrutalTops Master Toby’s skillful hand on the sub’s pathetic cock to make it stand rigid. Then Master Billy viciously beats the erection with a leather flogger until it’s limp again, laughing at the pain he’s causing the sleazy punter. Every time Toby teases the punter’s cock hard, Billy flays it soft again, until the poor sub’s penis is battered and bruised.

gay bondage


Ramming a tail dildo in its slutty ass, Toby rides the pony around their expensive apartment while Billy relentlessly flogs its buttocks for extra encouragement, stinging electro shocks delivered to its testicles via a collar Toby’s strapped around them — this punter wanted the works from his tormentors, and he sure as hell is getting it!

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