Jamie at CMNM

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At CMNM, hard-bodied model Jamie needs a special kind of convincing to allow the suited men to enjoy his muscular body. His hands are tied behind his back and he’s pinned down while they eagerly stroke his cock, insistently press their lips against his and stroke his hairy firm body. Under such intense attention Jamie can’t stop himself growing aroused and spilling his sperm right on the office floor! The arrogant stud is thrown back out onto the street without being given a penny.

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Copdar – Banned From the Mall

By Cuffsandcops

The city where I attended college had two malls. I worked at a store in one of them during the end of my undergrad. I was attentive to the loss prevention officers in the store and the mall cops that regularly patrolled the corridors. Any time officers from the local police department were in the store, I made it a point to be nearby to see what they were up to. Unfortunately, the mall and my store in particular, were not very popular, because it lacked the size and variety that the other mall in town had.

The other retail center was always bustling with people in its multiple levels and large food court. The mall cops there wore white uniform shirts, blue pants, Stratton hats, and duty belts with everything but a holster for a weapon. Whenever I was there, I would take a few extra laps around just to see if I would cross paths with one of the officers. Since I didn’t work at this location, I began to take chances by engaging the mall cops in conversation about their duties and the gear they carried when I could get them to stop to talk.

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