New Years Resolution – Part 09

By lthr_jock

As the hours passed, Paul’s muscles cramped painfully in the cage. He found he could relieve the stress slightly by repeatedly flexing them, but still they ached and ached. He could see nothing except the brick wall 6ft in front of him. The leash attached to the back of his collar restricted his head from turning much, so he could only get glimpses of the wall to one side, and the darker expanse of the club to the other. He went to yell for help and found that he couldn’t – try as he might, he could make no sound. Then he realised that he was trying the wrong thing – dogs couldn’t talk. Instead, he tried barking and let out a deep, booming WOOF that echoed in the empty room.

For some reason, that made him feel better, and he woofed to himself a few more times. But still there was no reply from the empty club. Paul found himself drifting, head nodding as he started to fall asleep, and then jerking awake as the leash brought him back to reality. He wondered what he looked like from outside the cage – hairy, semi-naked, collared, booted, mitted and locked into leather shorts. He unconsciously flexed as he thought about the effect seeing all that caged muscle might have. Again, he found his cock trying to harden inside the shorts and grunted with suppressed frustration.

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How many of these escape artists can you name?

Last week’s Metalbond A to Z feature posting was edging. This week, we linger a bit longer on the letter E with a posting about, yes — escape artists! And today’s posting is a challenge. See if you can name each of the escape artists pictured below:

escape_01 escape_02 escape_03 escape_04 escape_05 escape_06 escape_08


Use the comments button in this posting to identify the escape artists pictured above. Hint: One of these guys is known more for long-term endurance stunts than actual escapes. Another hint: three of these guys have the same first initial and two of these have the same first name. Oh, and if you don’t know escape artist No. 3, I am afraid I am going to have to revoke your Metalbond privileges.


Tom of Finland Art Auction
and Reception


The San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group is holding a special event this week — a Tom of Finland art auction and cocktail party. With the help of Tom of Finland Foundation’s Durk Dehner, they’ll auction off pieces of work not only by Tom of Finland himself, but other Foundation artists, as well as local erotic artists.


Tom of Finland Art Auction
and Reception

Erotic male art auctioned to support LDG

6:30 – 9:30 pm, Wednesday, Sept. 23

San Francisco LGBT Community Center

1800 Market Street


More information here.