Hooded bondage: Christian Mitchell and Blue Bailey

Check out these shots from Mr S, featuring hot, hunky porn star @ChrisMitchellXX wearing a Fetters Deluxe Tight Hood and getting worked over by @BlueBaileyxxx:

Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_01 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_02 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_03 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_04 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_05

Fucking hot if you ask me!

Click for Deluxe Tight Hood


Hint: If you click through to the product listing above on the Mr S site, you can watch a short video of Christian Mitchell getting fucked by Blue Bailey while wearing this hood and other restraints. It’s not to be missed!

As Christian describes it, the hood fits snug throughout the head, especially around the jaw.

Lots more hoods available here

Duct Tape Dom wants to play with his puppy

Here’s a vintage gay bondage porn shoot from Bound Gods, which is part of KinkMen. Click any of the pics to go directly to this individual video:


In this shoot from Bound Gods:

Slave #523 is diligently attending his cleaning detail when he receives an assignment to a new master in the house, Tape Dom. #523 accepts a roll of duct tape and takes a deep whiff of the adhesive. He finds himself caged, face fully wrapped in a duct tape puppy mask. The Tape Dom wants to play with his puppy, so he pulls him out and doles out a cropping before fucking #523’s Oxballs Pig-Hole. #523 comes off the floor and has his hands taped tight to a bar overhead, his body open for a flurry of hits from his master’s flogger. Tape Dom slams #523 into the wall and secures his body firmly in place with only tape to support him. Stuck against the wall, #523’s is rammed relentless by his master. Tape Dom finally wants to grant #523 the privilege of his cum, so he bursts all over #523’s duct tape gag. #523 accepts a second privilege, taking orders to cum all over his master’s boots. Cum everywhere, #523 resumes his cleaning duties and uses his tongue to make his master’s boots and floor spotless.

Damien_Michaels_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_02 Damien_Michaels_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_03 Damien_Michaels_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_04 Damien_Michaels_Seamus_OReilly_gay_bondage_05

This video: Slave #523 Endures Tape Dom’s Brutality

Models in this shoot: Damien Michaels, Seamus O’Reilly

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Rope bondage and forced head shaving

At Daddys Bondage Boys, Derek Da Silva is good when it comes to Shibari, and it’s a good way to teach hot pup Cullen Cable how to suck his dick without nibbling his meat. A little nipple play makes for some good punishment for biting master, but the humiliation of having his head shaved will really teach the pup a lesson.

VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

VIDEO at Daddys Bondage Boys

Models in this video: Derek Da Silva & Cullen Cable

Title of this video: Pup Training Play – Part 2

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