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Iowa Cowboy – Part 10

By Atlanta Stud

A few hours later I was instructed to check on Brody and provide him with some water. That was the first time I had seen him with the hood and added transport belt. I pulled up the spandex hood just enough to clear his mouth, let him take in as much of the water as he wanted and promptly pulled the hood back down. Not an easy task when one’s locked up in transport shackles, by the way.

“Gotta say, Brody, that hood’s a nice touch. You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?” I got a nod of approval from the prisoner.

“Looks like I got just what I asked for, doesn’t it Jake? Sucks we gotta leave in a day. We’ll need to come back and do this again.”

“Well I can’t stay long. Don’t want to get myself into any trouble with the Warden up there, but I’m sure you’ll be checked on again before we hit the rack.”

“Thanks Jake. By the way, I hope you’re enjoying that cock cage. Bet you’re loving it, huh Cowboy? Just wait ’til you get morning wood!” Brody said with an evil chuckle.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 09

By Atlanta Stud

Morning couldn’t arrive fast enough for me. I wanted out of the cuffs that held me to the bed post and into the kitchen for some coffee and a plate of eggs and bacon, that’s all I could think about. But alas, I was on hold until Dave got back from fetching Brody out of his room.

“OK Army boy let’s get you out of the rack and here’s the key to the cock cage. I’ll let you do the honors. Once you’re done, you’ll be released from the transport set, I want you on your knees with your hands behind your head while I lock the leg cuffs on. Your gear for the next 24 hours will be the fatigues, boots and leg cuffs. No shirt. If I don’t have any trouble with you, I won’t put you in handcuffs, but I promise you that I’ll snap ’em on in a heartbeat if necessary.”

Dave returned with a shirtless Brody, his dog tags resting between his hot pecs and the rattling leg cuff chains in tow; both of them now at the foot of the bed just looking at me like I was an animal snared in a net.

“Well, what should we do with this one?” Dave asked Brody. It wasn’t so much a question being asked to Brody as it was a statement as to what they were going to do with me. Brody looked at Dave, first with a hint of a puzzled look on his face that quickly turned into an evil grin. I’ve seen that look on him before, and I instantly got a chill up my spine.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 08

By Atlanta Stud

Brody swallowed hard and was barely able to get out a “Yes, Sir” response to Dave. One quickly realizes how little control he has when he’s buck naked with the exception of wearing a locked chastity device and legcuffs. Dave removed my hinged cuffs and had me clean up the ‘barber shop’ floor while Brody, having free wrists, was instructed to make up his bunk in addition to a few other chores.

With the chores out of the way, Dave called us back to the living area for ‘inspection’ as he put it and told Brody that he’s done well since this morning and he would be rewarded with a pair of sneaks to protect his feet from the old hardwood floors of the cabin. That drew a smile to Brody’s face until he saw that Dave was issuing him my sneaks — and let me tell you those sneaks have, let’s say a character all their own after many wearings without socks and with socks that haven’t seen a washer in several days.

“Your choice, inmate, either stay barefoot, or lace ’em on. I’ll give you five seconds to decide.”

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 07

By Atlanta Stud

Dave had yet to take his shower that morning when all this took place, so he announced that he would be getting it in while we stayed locked up in the living area, but not before he repositioned my hands behind my back, double locking the cuffs and unlocking the shackle around Brody’s right ankle and locking it around my right ankle. We stood there for a few minutes taking it all in. I mean seriously, what the hell just happened in under 24 hours?! I couldn’t help but look at Brody’s crotch. The bulge was even more prominent with the chastity device securely locked on.

“Does it hurt? Your cock being locked up in that thing?” I asked Brody.

“No dude, good thing, huh. Feels weird. I mean, I can feel my cock in that cage, but that’s it. I can’t feel my jock against my cock. It’s like your hands are in a set of boxing gloves. You can feel the gloves around your hands and wrists, but you can’t really feel much of a sensation from the exterior,” Brody said.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 06

By Atlanta Stud

After Dave led me (Jake) back to our room, he went back to Brody’s room to find him still standing in front of the mirror, tugging a bit on the cuffs locked through the ring on the transport belt. Standing directly behind him and putting his hands on Brody’s muscled shoulders, he leaned in and quietly said, “Yeah, that’s it stud, keep tugging on that metal you’re locked up in. Ironic that all that muscle you’ve worked so hard on can’t help you right now. But you like this, don’t you, not being in control. I could tell that first day you tried on those cuffs we bought. Bet you’re in ROTC for the same reason, so you can have someone telling you what to do. Am I right? Tell me I’m right, Brody.”

Brody turned to face Dave, swallowed hard and kept silent.

“Yeah, just what I thought, big boy. So here’s what I’m proposing for the week, and when I’m done with the proposal, you’ll have until morning to give me your answer as you’re locked to your bunk for the night. First, I’m the Warden around here and you’re the inmate. This week you’ll be wearing that jumpsuit that you seem to like so much, or you’ll be in your fatigues, boots and your new ARMY T or shirtless if the weather dictates. You’ll see what’s been issued to you each morning after you shower. At all times while indoors, at minimum you’ll be locked in legcuffs, but for now get your ass on that bunk.”

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 05

By Atlanta Stud

I’m not sure who had it worse the rest of the way to the cabin, Brody or me. Every time he adjusted his feet you could hear the leg shackle chains, and I’d get horny just thinking about him locked up in a full set of transport shackles. Of course, actually seeing him locked up whenever I’d turn to look at him while chatting didn’t help my situation, either.

We finally reached our destination, and I must say that although the cabin wasn’t huge, it was nice and the property certainly provided privacy. Dave parked the Explorer and unbuckled Brody’s seat belt so he could get out and asked him for the keys to the cabin. Brody told him to unhook him from the transport set and he’ll open up the cabin.

“I don’t know, man. You look like a dangerous fugitive to me. Where’s the keys and I’ll open it up,” Dave said back to him.

“Small pocket on the duffel bag.”

Brody knew he wasn’t going to win this one and hoped it would lead to finally getting unlocked. As we grabbed our gear out of the Explorer, Brody smirked and said, “Gee, love to help, but I’m a little tied up right now.”

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 04

By Atlanta Stud

With spring break approaching, Dave and I wanted to get away from campus, but we didn’t feel like hanging out with a bunch of college kids in Daytona getting wasted every day. We were on the web looking at potential cabins to rent for a week at a state park when Brody popped in and asked what’s up. Filling Brody in, he told us to scrap that plan because his folks have a small cabin about three hours out that we could all go to … that is, if we didn’t mind having him along for the week. So it was set that we’d leave that Friday morning of spring break.

When I got back to our room after taking my shower the morning of our departure, I noticed two packed bags on the floor. Dave saw the inquisitive look on my face and said not to worry, everything I’d need is taken care of and to get dressed. He had laid out my attire for the trip … jeans, boxer briefs, long-sleeve olive thermal shirt, brown belt, my desert tan military boots and day old socks.

I was pulling on the boots when Brody, in jeans, short sleeve sweatshirt and his black speed lace military boots and sporting a fresh military haircut walked in carrying his duffel bag. “Let’s hit the road, men!” he barked as he dropped his duffel bag on the floor.

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Iowa Cowboy – Part 03

By Atlanta Stud

The drive back to the dorm wasn’t but fifteen minutes, and we scored a parking spot close to our dorm room’s entrance. I scooted up a bit in my seat so that Dave could access the cuffs to take them off and he just said, “hang on a sec and I’ll get the door for you.” With that he came around and opened the passenger door and said, “You know those cuffs are staying on until we get to the room, don’t even think of asking me to take them off.”

OK, so I had been getting into our rope play and boot and sock control for a couple months now, but wearing cuffs through the dorm hall back to our room was definitely taking it to a whole new level in my book. I was going to be seen by several of the guys on our floor, just no way of getting around that, and how the heck does one explain this?

I actually got pretty lucky that nobody was walking down the hallway, that is, until we were about four doors away from our room and we come across Brody, who lives two doors down from us.

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