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Urinal Gag Thoughts

By Nick Ensign

I’ve been trying to dream up a new perfect urinal gag. Please, know in advance that my design is what turns *me* on.

For me, the perfect design is one that starts out with no loss of urine. Every drop that is pissed into the gag must end up in the urinal’s stomach. Of course, not every owner or master (or casual pisser) wants the experience to be clean for the urinal. It is often necessary for the urinal to be pissed on or otherwise drenched with a good amount of urine so that it never forgets what it has become. Using a man as a urinal is an act of degradation so if the pisser needs to further degrade the urinal by pissing *on* it, the urinal gag should allow this to be easily done. This necessitates an open-topped cup design.

With no obstruction or effort, the pisser can move his stream from the cup to the face or body of the urinal. Most urinal gags on the market are already designed like this. Speaking for myself, the cup should resemble as much as possible an actual piece of plumbing so that both the pisser and the urinal get a clearer picture of the process.

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The Surfer Boys

By Aquala Guy

You don’t go through life on the internet with a name like Aqualaguy and not have guys asking you if you like wetsuits and dry suits. And of course, I do. I think a hot man in a wetsuit or a dry suit is one of the sexiest things around. But then again, I like anything that’s going to show off a man’s body. True, dry suits don’t show off as much as a wetsuit, but they do carry a sense of enticement that I just can’t explain.

Like most guys who get into wetsuits and dry suits, I am into water sports — although not the type of water sports most wetsuiters think of. I enjoy my watersports of a more colorful nature, yellow if you want specifics. And I have been known to be a little pushy about it sometimes.

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Life on the Beach (Novel Excerpt)

By Aquala Guy

Instructor Gable nodded his consent to the commandant, and went to his locker to retrieve a second set of restraints and a gag.  Tomlinson made no move to avoid the restraints.  He knew from his own days as a cadet just how restrictive and uncomfortable these restraints could be, and he allowed Gable to tighten them past the point of pain.  Everyone was surprised to see Tomlinson achieve a full, throbbing erection as his arms were secured.  It was the first time Matthew had ever seen his papa erect, and his eyes lit.

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Self-Bondage Journal

By Aquala Guy

(Monday, 10 p.m.) I am going to lock on my steel wrist shackles and steel ankle shackles when I get home from work tomorrow night. Once locked they will stay locked until I get up for work on Friday. When I return home on Friday they will get locked back on for the remainder of the weekend. I’ll try to send photos, but my cell phone is my only camera and can be a bit testy at times.

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