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One Year – Part 25

By Taurus

Part 25 – “The End”

James woke up as per normal, to the sounds of a blaring alarm and the instantaneous snap from complete darkness to blinding brightness. What was strange, however, was the person who came to check on him.

It was a stranger’s face.

Feeling confused, he inquired, “Sir, where is my handler?”

“He’s preparing some stuff for you.”

“Why sir? What day is it?”

“Day 344. You have a pleasure session today, now drink up.”

James went about drinking his protein shake, changing the fist mitts and brushing his teeth, thoroughly confused, with a conflicted mind that could not quite decide if he was awake or dreaming.

Usually his master would notify him if he had any special days coming up, like checkup days, grooming days, and especially pleasure sessions.

He was marched off to the dungeon regardless.

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One Year – Part 24

By Taurus

Part 24 – “The Many Facets of Pleasure”

It was day 314, and James was due for a pleasure session, having skipped the one due on day 284 because of Russell’s work with the director. What this session entailed, he did not know, apart from the fact that it will most definitely not involve any sort of sexual release.

The pleasure sessions have never involved him cumming, and the two times he was close, he was explicitly denied by his master.

There was no reason to believe today was any different, then. Spiritual pleasure, as opposed to physical pleasure it was.

Russell started off the day very standardly, helping James out of his fist mitts, allowing him to brush his teeth and lather on sunscreen for what would be a morning workout after a drink of a protein shake and more water. However, where normally his mitts would not come back on until after lunch, new ones came back on before he even left the cell in his typical attire of a blindfold, bit gag, collar and leash.

James was led to the sand track on all fours, to the place where he had walked laps pulling a rickshaw for most of the past year. There, his blindfold and gag were removed in the infield – as opposed to in the shade per the normal routine, and his hypersensitive eyes were assaulted by the desert sun.

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One Year – Part 23

By Taurus

Part 23 – “A Pet”

“Come here, boy!” Russell said in a higher pitch, as he clapped his hands twice.

He had no clue if it actually worked; he just heard somewhere that speaking in English and with a higher register was more effective for training a dog. It was sensible enough, since dogs could hear only sounds in a higher frequency, but does it work, really?

If this was the human equivalent to feeling a bass pulse while listening to music, then it was absurd that it would be possible to assign meaning to it. In the case of a dog though, it should have thought processes and concepts different from ours, so it might actually work.

If he wished to find out the validity of this myth, then he was in precisely the right place with precisely the wrong test subject, for the one who bounded towards him on all fours was none other than James, his ostensibly human slave who had just recently asked to wear a collar and leash permanently.

He acted like a dog, but he was, well, still human.

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One Year – Part 22

By Taurus

Part 22 – “Contracts”

Russell had just woken up when he received a call from the director.

“Morning, I want you in my office ASAP. Need to tell you something about your slave.”

Naturally, Russell hurried, and was greeted by Director Daniel in his office.

“How’re you feeling, on your slave’s 284th day here?”

“I’m fine. Please get to the point; I’ve things to do.”

“Ha! Don’t be so terse with me. I know it’s always something with James, and this concerns him.


Russell’s ears were perked as he sat down.

“You’ve been going off-script with the treatment of your slave. He’s only ever officially consented to only a portion of the things you’re doing to him.

“Including having him address you as, what’s that…ah yes. ‘Master’.”

“He asked for all of it.”

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One Year – Part 21

By Taurus

Part 21 – “Severance”

Day 257.

Russell’s phone rang.

“Director Preston,” the caller ID read.

“Good morning, Director,” Russell said with a yawn, and with a hoarse morning voice.

“Russell, if you’re done with your morning routine, please come to the office.”

“But what about James?”

A pause from Preston.

“I’ve assigned someone else to do your job, at least until lunch.”

As requested, Russell went to the director’s office – in reality just an office desk, with an empty area opposite the working space and a window overlooking the sand track.

The furnishings were nice enough, with the chairs being leather, and the shelves being decorated with trinkets among other pleasant installments.

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One Year – Part 20

By Taurus

Part 20 – “The Nature of Pleasure”

James dealt with each passing day in the same way; entirely devoted to his handler – now master – without hesitation. To call it worship is fitting for how respectful – borderline reverent – he acted towards his master: as if he were a god.

Indeed, he would do anything for his most beloved master, and he would have anything he wished for bestowed upon him by this most benevolent and loving god.

As James woke up on day 254 expecting to be taken to the outdoors track for his morning workout, he was surprised to find out that this was not the intended routine for the day. Soon, he discovered why.

“Congratulations my slave, it’s day 254, you get a pleasure session.”

James was no longer the slave who jumped at pleasure sessions. To him, the daily handler sessions were far more important.

Do understand however, the pleasure sessions were still important, though not for the physical release, but for the affirmation from his Master, telling him that he was a good boy. With that, he realised how his mindset had transformed.

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One Year – Part 19

By Taurus

Part 19 – “Blessings”

It was day 253 in the night. James had just finished his dinner and was eager to start his handler session, having earned back all his privileges of seeing Russell naked and being allowed to worship his handler.

He had made a request a few nights ago to add on to his “outfit”: a locking dog collar and leash, rationale being he wanted Russell to be assured that he would never run away with a leash. Unsurprisingly perhaps, this was granted. James now wore a bright red collar with a padlock and chain leash.

And so there he was, naked, caged, collared and leashed – at his most comfortable.

Tonight, Russell sat entirely naked against the wall, with his clothes a foot or two away, and the slave at his feet, leash in hand.

James slowly scaled the mountain that was Russell, and suckled on his nipples. When he got bored with worshipping a particular part of the body, he would move to another area. He would typically move to the armpits and sniff at it, then back to the nipples, then all the way down the abs onto the cock and balls with permission.

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One Year – Part 18

By Taurus

Part 18 – “Slavery”

It was day 210, and James was due for his seventh monthly checkup. As he woke, Russell was nowhere to be seen, despite sleeping together with him. When he left, James had no idea whatsoever.

It was Sam, the doctor, who opened the cell door and turned on the lights.

As he took his pill and water, per the procession of these checkups, he pondered his handler’s answer to his, admittedly, rather stunning question out of the blue. Miraculously, he had no sooner finished asking his question than dozing off.

As usual, he was laid out on a bed on wheels, gagged and blindfolded, with his limbs cuffed and attached to the railings that surrounded him, and electro nipple clamps – also chained taut to the railings – to ensure his meekness.

After he arrived at the medical bay and had his typical weigh-in, blood pressure check, eyesight test among others, Sam followed up on the panic attack James had the night prior.

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