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Muscle Endurance Bondage

By Unknown

The muscleboy is naked, standing in the middle of the playroom. Leather wrist restraints are locked onto his wrists and fastened behind his back. His bare feet are spread about 4-1/2 feet apart, and tied to two eyehooks in the floor. A single strong chain is suspended from the ceiling. A sturdy leather collar, with a D-Ring in the back, is locked around his neck.

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What Do You Do When You Know You’re Being Mind-fucked?

By unknown

What do you do when you know you’re being mind-fucked?

That you’re having behavior modifications installed into you? Do you think that just because you know it is happening you can stop it? Short answer is no. This actually happened to me, I know you may find it hard to believe this, but it’s all real.

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Training Center

Author unknown

I rented a car at the Kansas City airport and drove towards Springfield as I had been directed.  I had read about the Training Center in a leather magazine and decided I was ready to try it myself.  I had been working on my physical condition for over a year and was now not in bad shape for a 30 year old.  For reasons I can’t entirely describe, the scene I wanted to act out was that of a sailor sentenced to do hard brig time.  I had read in the article about the psychology of confinement and the various levels and decided I wanted to try a very strict regime.

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I Sighed

Author unkown

I sighed, and kept waiting. What else could i do? I was in my sleep sack and to make sure I moved as little as possible, master added several belts over it. I sighed again, the gasmask with rebreather balloon makes it hard on you after a while. I felt a droplet of water falling down on my face, it must be at least an hour I was in this state. Master said He had a surprise for me when he’d be back. Dunno when that’ll be. I was intrigued… a surprise… Once he locked me up in cage for 3 days, I didn’t like that surprise. Another time we went to a good restaurant and had a superb meal with really good wine. I liked that surprise a lot.

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A Long Way from Home

By unknown

Part 1

I was tired. But I had to keep going.  Sure it was late and it’s a dangerous thing be riding a motorcycle in the middle of the night and even more so if you are getting sleepy. I pulled over on the side of the road and killed the engine. The road cut through a wide grassy plain…there was nothing. No lights except for the moon and the stars and no sounds save for crickets and the occasional bird. I stretched out on the edge of the road and stared up at the stars. Being so quiet my leathers seemed to make a lot of noise as I stretched out and before I knew it I was asleep.

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Master Qualification

By unknown

Part 1

I wanted to qualify as a master, I kept telling myself as the car approached the base brig.  Their theory was that in order to give it you first had to take it.  They had made me request it in writing, and then had sat on it for a week so I could change my mind.  But, I had been thinking about it for eight years, ever since I entered the program.  I knew what was involved, but part of me wanted to be tested, even while another part of me was scared shitless.

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