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Military Grunt Discusses Not Beating Off Anymore

By Unknown

Spoke not too long ago about the mindfucking provided by the military training I endured, I made it sound a little dark, I should clear up now that I love my new life, even though I know I have been conditioned and am still being conditioned. I know it sucks that Metal can’t post who this is, but most of you should hopefully be able to work this out.

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Leather Bar Encounter

By Unknown

I went to the local leather bar one night and met a very hot, dominant man. We had seen each other around before, and we talked for a while about bondage, leather and our mutual interest in handcuffs and police gear.

After a little more small talk, he ordered me to follow him to another part of the bar, where he locked a chain around my neck with a small padlock and cuffed my hands behind my back with a set of police cuffs that he pulled from a handcuff case on his belt.

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Letter From a Chastity Master

By Unknown


You’ve long had a desire to explore Chastity, and although I’ve indulged you at times over the years, we’ve only played at the edges of your desires.  That, Boy, is about to change.

I’ve carefully thought through how best to make sure you have the opportunity to explore your desires and explore a period of Chastity while keeping in mind that your fantasy may be more than you’d bargain for.

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Tricked and Tickled

By Unknown

I went to visit a buddy one afternoon, we hadn’t seen each other in a while, I was lookin forward to it, I got to his place, he came to the door and we shook hands and hugged, I went inside, he had another friend over that I didn’t know, he introduced me, we shook hands and I noticed how strong his grip is, he’s a pretty muscular guy, as is my buddy, we used to work out together.

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Blowing My Regular

I am a regular on-call cocksucker for a guy and the scene is always the same.

I know he’ll arrive at a certain time and I prepare by putting porn on and unlocking my apartment door. After the phone rings indicating his arrival and I buzz him in, I put on a spandex hood with no eyeholes and only a mouth opening. Other times I put on a blindfold. I then wait in position kneeling on a pillow in front of my sofa, the porn playing behind me.

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