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News about James Franco, and BDSM going mainstream (click below for links)

Hey prisoners,

As we all know, James Franco is no stranger to bondage. Now, there is apparently a new documentary about — parent site of Bound Gods, Bound In Public, Butt Machine Boys, Men On Edge and Naked Kombat — that has been produced by James Franco and is to be unveiled at Sundance 2013.

And … this is IN ADDITION to Franco’s new movie “Interior. Leather Bar” that I mentioned in an earlier post here on Metalbond.

Click below to read much more about this new film, and to view various clips, interviews and trailers: Documentary Trailer Debuts

James Franco on producing porn documentary ‘kink’

James Franco talks gay sex in ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’

Why Kink Matters (Peter Acworth Huff Post column)


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Inmate wears a rubber urinal hood

urinal hood Metalbond


Hey prisoners,

This blog post continues the Tuesday night series here on Metalbond that re-lives this heavy bondage scene that took place back in 2010.

No guys, I am NOT the same person as The Warden. The Warden is the one who kept this prisoner locked up, and his and many other comments from 2010 are posted below.



Paul writes:

I like this. The prisoner doesn’t even have the right to pants, he’s exposed, like it or not!


sub78 writes:

i don’t think there’s a single piece of gear out that i want to try more than a urinal hood. awesome.


The Warden writes:

The Warden is also NEVER caught short for a place to piss!



Looks like The Warden should shave the inmate’s cock and balls (and maybe more?) and lock a good, tight chastity device on him.


The Warden

The Warden has weeks for ALL of those things to happen YET!! Keep checking in and see!



I am envious of the piss hood. Have been locked in one several times and love it. Agree that the inmate needs cock and ball shave



I envy the guy in his cell more and more each time you show us an update or the poor guy’s situation!

I also think a chastity device would be a nice addition, maybe something like the punisher? hehe

Not that he could masturbate with his arms in the straightjacket, but it might be a lustful frustration if he get’s hard…

Greetings from Germany


The Warden

says a shave and Chastity belt are on the list don’t worry as I say there’s a lot of time to do all these things when you have an inmate incarcerated for 3-4 weeks.



Glad to loan The Warden my punisher IF He needs one for the inmate (seriously). The rubber spikes would be a nice touch … pun intended. Although a full belt or metal pod would be nice too.



Very nice Sir!