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A Week in Chains

I was chatting with COPALPHAboy on Recon about the idea of going to a prison bootcamp for a week or more — if only such a place existed. That reminded me of the story A Week In Chains, which I believe is a true story that took place a long while back in the Philippines.

If anyone knows any more about this, or about prison bootcamps, or how to reach City of Life, or any of the participants in Week In Chains, please get in touch with me! Also if anyone has the long lost Part 4, please let me know.


WANTED: Chastity slaves in the NYC area

Listen up guys this is important!

WANTED: Chastity slaves in the NYC area

Mario Latowski is coming to New York to measure customers for custom male chastity belts.  If you are interested in making a private measuring appointment and placing an order, please contact Mario directly at

WANTED: Chastity slaves in the NYC areaMario Latowski

Mario needs 12 people to sign up before he can commit to the trip. Please tell your friends and spread the word! The last time Mario was in the U.S. was in 2006 at the Mr.S store (West coast). This time he will visit the East Coast, so don’t miss this unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Mario in person and be measured in person for the best fit.

Click HERE for Mario’s website.


Mario Latowski Mario Latowski is coming to New York

Metal would like to thank Mark of Serious Male Bondage for his assistance with today’s chastity posting.