Men show off their neck chains and padlocks

Hey guys! A whole bunch of you have sent in pictures of yourselves wearing chains padlocked around your necks. Check THIS out:



metrosin24 writes:

Hey Metalbond!

I have been a longtime fan of your site. Thanks for posting such great stuff. I was recently collared by a SIR for the first time. My time with him has been out of this world! He came to visit me in NYC this weekend, and we went to the top of the Empire State Building. I know you have been asking for some pictures of boys in collars. Well, here I am at “the top of the world!” It was such a great experience to share with my SIR. Hopefully there are many more experiences just like it to come.

Feel free to post the picture if you like.

Keep up the great work.

—boy b


Metal responds:

Thanks boy b aka metrosin24! That is a memorable picture, indeed!

Guys, here are even more pictures of men wearing chains that are padlocked on:

MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_02 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_03 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_04 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_05 MetalbondNYC_ChainCollar_06



Jockstrap gets a new collar

Jockstrap sent some new pictures and information about his ongoing predicament at the hands of his sadistic trainer.

jockstrap bondage

Jockstrap writes:

Dear Metal,

I saw the pic you posted of the guy with the weight belt and thought for a minute that it was gonna end up locked on me – then i read on and realized it was just a pic someone had sent in!

Things are much the same here, with the BIG exception that i got my new collar locked on me last week and it’s a tough one. It’s pretty hardcore and keeps my head up and rigid – it was hand made by a saddler. The ‘rein’ is padlocked to the ring on the collar. Currently its on for keeps – comes off only so i can shave before training.

The other shows my arse and legs post caning – you can see the lock of the chains which attach to my rig – this makes going to the toilet a challenge – possible but only just.


forced workouts gay male bondage

Self-bondage game with a large padlock and key in the mail

Hey guy’s it’s Friday night and check out what MarkNorth just did!



Marknorth writes:

Dear Metal:

I put my fate into the hands of the US Post Office tonight!

I have some work that I need to get done away from the office (plenty for Friday and Monday), so I did the deed and dropped the key in the mail to myself and snapped a lock and chain on tonight.

I dropped the key in after the last pick-up time today, so it will not go out until tomorrow evening. If all goes well, the key will be back in my box Monday – but I won’t be able to “sneak in” and get it until early evening, to avoid the possibility of being seen with this ridiculously large and heavy chain on my neck!

I’m attaching a set of pics for your amusement.

This will be the first time I have done something like this on my own, where the key is completely out of my possession. Even in extended self-bondage scenes the key has always been in my house, even if inaccessible for periods of time! Now it’s totally out of reach.

Well, we’ll see how this goes – I was nervous, but hard as hell, as I released the envelope into the mailbox on my way home from work tonight!


At least (hopefully most) 4 days’ worth of this thing around my neck …


02_Envelope-Ready 03_Key-Dropped-In 04-Drop-in-the-mail 05_Locked-On-2




Cop & Dom

By ChastitySub

Part I

The Cop and the Dominator had met at the gym. They started working out together: the Cop liked the Dominator for pushing him harder in his lifting workouts. Sure, maybe he was a little attracted to the Dominator on some man-to-man level … but the Cop was a straight, tough cop, and didn’t go that way sexually.

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Reality Trumps Fantasy

By MarkNorth

He is locked in the cage his eyes pleading with me over the top of the gag.  His wrists and ankles weighed down by the heaviest shackles that I have; with short, heavy chains limiting his every movement. He is not happy – but I could care less.

It is obvious that he finally regrets his decision to become my prisoner.  They never believe that it is for “real” until it is too late.  They love the idea of being a prisoner or a slave or losing control – the excitement of the fantasy.  So they blissfully agree to sign the contract or lock the collars on.

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Electronic safe for self-bondage

Anyone ever heard of the Captured Discipline timer lock box? Check it out:

gay male bondage



NoEscapeSlave writes:

I had been searching for a time-lock safe for some time (so I could put handcuff/shackle/chastity keys in it for extended periods) but turns out they are REALLY hard to find, VERY expensive and most come from Europe.  The only other thing I have seen are the ice self-bondage locks from Mr. S but those have limited use and can’t be used for real long scenes.

After one exhaustive search I came across a time-lock small box safe that is made for people who want to stop their bad habits (like cigarettes, snack foods, etc).  I decided (for less than $100) I would buy one of their safes and it really is GREAT.  It is small enough to carry anywhere and can be kept IN a cell or cage with you (or just within reach) yet there is NO way to unlock it once it is set for a certain time period.  So far, I am very happy with it (of course NOTHING beats an actual CAPTOR carrying the keys to your bonds but they are often hard to find all the time).  One thing I do in addition for safety since I have to practice self bondage at times and live alone is I usually take my cellphone and put it within reach of my cuffed hands outside the cell/cage so that IF the safe did not open for some reason or I needed emergency medical help I could call someone.  Of course calling anyone would be VERY embarrassing and you would only do it IF you were in real jeopardy…otherwise you are forced to wait until the safe opens at the specified time.

Although the safe comes with 2 regular keys to use as well they do NOT send you these unless you ask for them and if you DO ask for the keys they allow you to send them back to them for safekeeping as a free service for their customers … in order to avoid anyone opening the safe prematurely.

Oddly enough, the name of this company is Captured Discipline. They list many many uses of their products (EXCEPT this) You have to wonder if they sell many of these to us twisted bondage addicts. I am also curious if anyone else has seen/purchased this product.

gay male bondage