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DJ is made to use nasty butt fucking machines for his freedom

This is a vintage shoot from Butt Machine Boys:

Butt Machine Boys

DJ wakes up in a dark dungeon with a chain around his neck. He tries to leave, but the chain is locked to the brick wall. The Ass Master’s creepy voice appears in the darkness, and DJ freaks out. DJ quickly learns that he has to give up his ass for his freedom. The Ass Master commands DJ to put toys in his ass. DJ reluctantly complies.

Butt_Machine_Boys_02 Butt_Machine_Boys_03 Butt_Machine_Boys_04 Butt_Machine_Boys_05

Of course, it’s all about the machines. DJ starts out reclining on the electric gyno chair with the Monster machine plowing his ass. His hairy ass is now stretched out for the Double Dragon machine. The wicked Dragon has two dildoed shafts. One pounds his wet mouth, and the other pounds his hot ass. As the Dragon speeds up, DJ explodes and screams with pain and pleasure

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Silent Auction

By A Lost Boy

With a staggered click, followed by an unmistaken chug of heavy machinery, I was torn away from slumber. My crusted eyelids batted, once, twice, three times before withdrawing into my skull, overwhelmed in the midst of the fluorescent light which liberated me from darkness.

We weren’t to be alone that evening. There was far too many footsteps to follow a single person. When the concept of company presented itself, I’d compensate by puffing out my chest, and shuffling as much as the shackles would permit. I’m not at all sure why that was, it’s not as if I was going anywhere.

The draft surging inward annunciated that merciless cold which was the concrete beneath my feet. It was as though I could only feel, function and exist in the presence of others. A sheet of cigar smoke draped itself over my shoulders, forcing my nostrils to stretch out at fresh air, and then some, upon the failed attempt to gasp through the gag.

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Paolo gets tied up and has his hole examined

At the CMNM forced male nudity site, Paolo learns that he won’t receive special treatment just because he’s a star athlete. He’s going to be treated like any stable animal that’s up for purchase. His fit muscular body belongs to them to examine and enjoy at their leisure. Paolo’s comfort and embarrassment is of no consequence! Especially when an anal examination is required as club policy!

male forced nudity cmnm

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bondage and butt play

Black Collection from E-Stim Systems

The smooth double sphere and dual-waisted design allows for the Black Collection to slide in easily and then stay in place. Not only that, but you have the option of how deep you go. Stop at the first waist and feel the sensation focused around the opening or go to the second waist and feel those tingles and contractions deep inside.

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Video: Matthew gets power fucked by a machine

After being whipped and paddled at Dream Boy Bondage, Matthew’s asshole is pummeled by a machine that fucks him senseless.

Male BDSM fucked

On his first day as Anthony’s slave, Mathtew’s asshole was pounded by his young master’s massive, erect cock. And now he is being fucked by a machine with a huge dildo mounted to a steel-pole. The device is like a jack-hammer, fucking the prisoner constantly for 20 minutes. Anthony sits back and laughs, slapping his victim’s ass as it’s pummeled. Matthew moans and rocks as he’s fucked, his eyes rolling back into his head. Anthony finally turns the thing off but leaves the dildo rammed up the captive’s ass, then leaves him to suffer alone, a true fuck-slave who exists for one purpose: pleasing a sadist with a taste for bondage.

Here is a free video preview:


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Title of this episode: Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 9

male bondage

Butt machine boys