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Video: Blake gets tortured on the cross

At Dream Boy Bondage, a young slave is crucified naked after having his ass and back whipped. He will hang for hours in agony, his body pulled apart by its own weight. Scroll down for a free video preview.

He immediately feels the power of the cross as his arms and pecs stretch and his abdomen sucks in so he can barely breathe

Smooth, muscle-boy Blake lies collapsed on the floor, totally exhausted after hanging by his wrists for hours, his back screaming in pain from the single-tail whip, his ass covered with red welts like two ripe globes of tenderized man-meat. His master, Alex, enters and flogs his fresh wounds, then sprays them will alcohol and orders him to roll over onto the cross. “You are going to hang for seven hours,” Alex tells the trembling slave. “These muscles you are so proud of are now your worse enemy. Their weight will tear you apart and their strength will keep you in total agony the whole time.” Moments later Blake rises. He immediately feels the power of the cross as his arms and pecs stretch and his abdomen sucks in so he can barely breathe. In one-hour he will be jerked off – and if he doesn’t cum he’ll spend not seven but nine hours on the cross! How can he bear it? The pain is already so intense.

Here is a free video preview — it might take a few minutes to load:


Title of this shoot: Blake Ellis – Total Submission – Chapter 3

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He shows Vinny the long, steel end of the flogger, then rams it up his butt hole

In one-hour he will be jerked off – and if he doesn’t cum he’ll spend not seven but nine hours on the cross

Video: Crucified for 12 hours

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this update, A male athlete’s lean, strong body is displayed perfectly on the bondage cross. He suffers, naked and helpless, for twelve long hours.

Dream Boy Bondage free video

Johnny, completely naked, is strapped to a cross, positioned for maximum muscle strain, his arms at 40 degrees, his knees bent slightly. The prisoner hangs from the wood, his chest and ribs scarred from an earlier whipping. He is to hang for 12 hours – despite having been promised a reduction to eight if he jerked-off on command. Johnny has the perfect body for the cross: He is lean and light but with more muscle than a runner or a swimmer, strong but not heavy. After six hours, Johnny drifts in and out of consciousness, but Felix brings him back to life, zapping him with the taser and clamping his nipples with alligator clips.

Here is a free video preview:


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male bondage torture

Felix hangs on the cross for hours before getting chained like a dog

crucified in gay bondage

At Dream Boy Bondage, crucified Felix Maze gets weaker by the hour. “Help me!” he begs, hanging from the wood, but no one is listening. He is alone, naked and suffering, gradually slipping into shock. Finally, he hangs limp, his lean body glistening with sweat. Hours later, washed and hydrated, he awakens in the same dungeon. He is naked and chained like a dog, with a huge steel collar around his neck. The same three cameras blink at him silently. “Is this what you want, you perverts?” Felix bellows angrily at the camera closest to him, playing with his cock. “Do you want to see me cum?” he asks, getting hard. The prisoner has a huge, gorgeous cock. It throbs with potency. Then it erupts! “Does this make you happy?” Felix asks, staring right at the camera, his thigh covered with jizz, a flash of anger in his beautiful, blue eyes.

Dream Boy Bondage

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Title of this shoot: Felix Maze – Anonymous Lust – Part 4

chained prisoner

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Cock hungry whore is tied naked at Dore Alley Street Fair

In this vintage shoot from Bound In Public,  Brian Bonds endures the cattle prod before he’s gang fucked at Dore Alley Street Fair


At the Dore Alley Street Fair, Brian Bonds is the center of attention. He’s bound to the cross with his balls tied up as the doms carry him through the crowd. After an intense flogging scene to get the crowd going, Brian is suspended on a fence with a zipper going down his thighs. The crowd cheers him on as Brian takes a shock from the cattle prod before the zipper is ripped off his legs. The BIP crew takes the naked stud back to a sex shop to have their way with him.

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In the Woods

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction and so do not attempt anything in this work of fiction without proper supervision.

Master Thomas signed off from the group Skype call with his leather brothers. The call had been about their annual trip to his mountain cabin for their leather retreat with their slaves. The 3 Leather Masters had discussed what the main scene would be and how best to provide a extreme test of endurance for their slaves. Finally, they had come up with a consensus which they had all agreed to and all felt would be an extremely hot scene.

He sat back in his leather desk chair and smiled as the thought of what was planned for their slaves was going to really push their limits and provide for the Masters a scene which should proof highly erotic. After a while he logged into the Mr. S website and placed an order for 3 pairs of the 4 buckle wrist restraints which would be needed for the scene. After processing the order was scheduled for delivery in several weeks which was more than enough time for the shipment to arrive prior to their leaving for the cabin.

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