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Side Effects – Chapter 4

By GratDelay

male BDSM storiesWhile I was trying to cool off mentally, Adin went to the kitchen and came back with the water bottle refilled. He tipped it up for me and I guzzle a bunch. I had been sweating like crazy. I looked over and saw that my sofa cushions would be going to the cleaners soon. It was a small price to pay for the experience I was having. I wanted to talk with Adin about the drug experience itself, but first I had to pee. I told Adin this, hoping he might let me out of the straitjacket, but he just said, “Down the hall to the left,” so I squared my shoulders and embarked on a rite of passage of sorts.

The chastity belt actually helped with this, directing the stream downward. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wipe any remainder dribbling from the drainage holes. I did a little twerk over the toilet, hoping to shake most of it off, then went back to the living room.

Adin was sifting through my other toys. “Looking for something for you to wear?” I asked.

“As if.”

He picked up a pecker-gag.

“No, Adin, I want to talk to you.”

He paced towards me, gag raised. I backed up a step, “Just wait, please. I love that gag, but can we talk some more first?”

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Nick Capra at Men On Edge

Check out muscled hunk Nick Capra’s edging session at Men On Edge.


He starts off bound by the windows as his hard cock grows underneath his underwear. Sebastian takes out Nick’s engorged member and swallows every inch to drive him wild. Nick’s moans grow even louder once the dual hitachis press against his cockhead. He is then suspended in mid air for the first time as his hard cock gets sucked from below. A dildo is driven into his ass, fucking his prostate as Nick begs and begs to cum. On the bed, Sebastian brings out hot and cold water to give Nick’s cock all sorts of different sensations. He sucks on Nick’s big, manly feet while continuing to edge his fat cock. After relentless edging, Nick blows his load before enduring post-orgasmic torment.

36293_0 36293_2 36293_3 36293_11

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A twink gets tied onto the scaffold seat

Look what happens to Casper at Boynapped

kidnapped at boynapped

As chains are hung from the metal contraption and the weight on Casper’s nuts grows, Master applies a helmet ring, a cum-stopper, around the fat tip of the captive’s cock. Casper can’t help it, the strokes and the weight of the swinging on his balls feels so good!

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Male bondage: Abel Archer gets suspended and pleasured

In this archived shoot from Men On Edge, Abel Archer is completely fresh to bondage and edging.


They start him off in the center of the room tied to each column. They get him hard through his underwear before cutting them off to reveal his fat cock. With his hands bound he’s made to watch as they tease him with their fingertips. While sucking on the head of his cock they blindfold him and bring him to the edge of cumming again and again. He gets fully suspended, and raging hard.

35916_1 35916_10

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The Drool Bucket – Part 2

By submittor

The Drool Bucket male bdsmi’m just the drool bucket for the Beast.

Staring up at Him, mouth forced open, drool overflowing from my bucket of a mouth. He’s growling now, animalistic grunting, straining, bearing it, enduring the suffering, seems to be thriving on the challenge, sweat from his brow flowing onto my face and the drool is never ending. The voices grow louder, our captors returning. i can’t see them but hear them approach, three sets of footsteps. They start to stroke the Beast, he shudders at their touch.

‘Hows it going big fella? Five hours, reckon you deserve a break’

i’m ignored, just his bucket after all, as they start to release him from the brutal hogtie, unclip his tits from the clamps connecting us. i can only imagining the pain as his limbs are released, the pain in his back finally relieved, stretching. They spit into his open mouth, slap him a couple times to make him focus. Still gagged, he grunts angrily, stares at them, defiant.

i notice for the first time that his cock is in chastity, must be agony. i can’t help wonder how long it has been locked like that, how much has he endured. My own pathetic cock still stands proud and purple, not locked but tied, just as helpless, unreachable.

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A hung twink gets bound in chains and edged

After such an incredible session of total domination by devious dom Sean, it’s only right that hung Jay be permitted to cum. Of course, if Sean was feeling especially nasty he could leave the captive tied to the dirty mattress and let him stew, but we all know this chav lad loves to spend a good long time rubbing his own cock against a big dick, jacking off a submissive captive and sucking the precum out of such a delicious dong. With the prisoner blindfolded and secured by chains and ropes he gets to work, rubbing that throbbing meat with determined skill, sucking the head and playing with his balls and taint, edging the man until Jay can’t stop his cum from gushing from his aching meat even if he tried! Was it worth all the torment to get that cum? Yeah.

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Title of this shoot: Owning a Horny Hung Twink – Part 3

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