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Bound and Gagged DVDs for sale

Bob Wingate is selling off his inventory of vintage Bound and Gagged movies, which are available on DVD. These and many other titles are available, and you can click on any of the images below to go directly to Bob Wingate’s website:

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To see the complete list for sale, click here.


ALSO: If someone with deep pockets is interested, Bob wants to sell his whole back catalog of Bound and Gagged content. You can contact Bob directly through the contact button on his website.


Bondage equipment for sale

Dog Trainer Sergio Tommy on Board


Bob Wingate of Bound and Gagged has some bondage equipment to sell (some of which is pictured above).

There is a “stockade,” with an optional fucking rod, and which he calls a puppy training device; a custom-made cage which is a hot item (for someone 5’6″ or smaller); and a bondage board.  He’s also got a bunch of hoods, two slings, a canvas straitjacket, a set of rigid irons, connecting neck, wrist and ankle irons.

You would have to come and pick those things in Pennsylvania, so get in touch if you are interested and located in the New York/Philadelphia area.

(Unfortunately, the models pictured above are not part of the deal.)

You can contact Bob directly at bob@boundandgagged.com to discuss pricing and logistics.

Also be sure to get your copies of Bound and Gagged magazines and DVDs, while they last.




Bound and Gagged magazine will not be re-launched after all. But you can still purchase vintage mags and vids …

… or you can go ahead and buy the whole company. Bob Wingate, the man who started it all way back in the late 1980s, explains it all here.

BG_01 BG_02 BG_03 BG_04 BG_05


Click to find out how you can purchase hard copies of the magazines and DVDs pictured above.


Bound and Gagged magazine was a HUGE influence for me and countless others.  The magazines are definitely collector’s items — so get yours while you still can.



Gear for sale

gay bondage

A SERIOUS collector of heavy-duty bondage equipment who is located in Ohio is selling some of his gear, including the floating bondage table (pictured above). He’s also got the famous Academy Chair (pictured below) plus an operating table (field military style), and an ambulance gurny, complete with full straps and IV attachment, some metal gear, a discipline helmet and more.

gay bondage AcademyChair_02

To inquire about purchasing this stuff, contact Leatherrestraint on Recon … or send me an email and I will forward it to him.