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TBT: Bound and Gagged magazine

Those of us who were around before the Internet will no doubt remember Bound and gagged magazine.

Bound and Gagged magazineIn its glory days, it was by far the best resource for anyone into male bondage of any kind. Not only were the stories and photographs stimulating, but the personal ads allowed like-minded men to connect with one another. I remember watching the mailbox for each new issue, which I always read from cover to cover. This magazine certainly shaped my own coming out into bondage, and it facilitated meetings with many others, including my first kinky relationship.

Mitch reads Bound and GaggedBound_And_Gagged_Magazine_01 Bound_And_Gagged_Magazine_02 Bound_And_Gagged_Magazine_03 Bound_And_Gagged_Magazine_04

Bound and Gagged issue 15 Looking at the covers of some of these issues certainly brings back great memories. I was featured in one of the issues with a story and pictures. (It is one of the issues pictured above).

Those who are interested in looking back at Bound and Gagged can visit the website of Bob Wingate, editor of Bound and Gagged. Click here.

Vintage bondage porn

Does anybody remember Drummer magazine? It was hot as fuck.



Before the Internet, there was an extensive selection of scene-related publications, mainly published in the 1970s to the 1990s. These magazines included DungeonMaster, Checkmate, Metropolitan Slave, Manhood Rituals, MACH, Manifest Reader (my personal favorite!), the Zeus Inferno albums and other Zeus one-offs, most of Larry Townsend series, the Robert Payne series — and of course the crowning achievement of them all — Drummer!

And then came Bound and Gagged magazine — and my whole life changed because I knew I had to move to New York City.