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Killian drools through the ballgag

Here is more of Killian at BreederFuckers. Stark naked on all fours, he’s tied to a block like a prize bull that’s going to be auctioned off.

Killian male bdsm

With the ball gag fixed in his mouth he constantly drools, driving the humiliating fact into him that he’s nothing more than a lowly beast. To Killian’s horror a hook is inserted in his anus and attached to his head harness so he can’t buck or try to escape without tearing himself apart. Pegs are attached all over his most sensitive bits from his nips to his bollocks so Killian is in constant pain and agonizingly aware of his subjugation. Adrian tenderizes his big pale rump till it’s burning hot by severely belting him. Now any slap to his arse causes the most excruciating pain but he’s challenged to remain completely silent while he’s beaten further. After such vicious discipline any moment of reprieve feels like a sweet kindness. He aches for any moment of pleasure, but Killian needs to be punished for taking such enjoyment. Look at what a sweaty, stinking, cum-covered mess Killian has become! How the mighty have fallen!

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Video at BreederFuckers

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Bondage stud William is handcuffed in a chair

At Roped Studs, Latin lover William is duct-taped to the bondage chair, with just enough slack to allow him to flex and show off his amazing physique. What is even sexier is that William struggles and flexes, trying to get comfortable. The very position that makes him look so good — having to sit erect with his feet on the floor and his arms bent behind the chair — is also extremely painful. It’s not a natural position. And, of course, there is more pain. First, two nasty, biting little clamps are applied to both of his manly, pink nipples. Then they wrap his face tightly with duct tape, not only gagging him but making it very hard to for him to breathe. Then he is left to suffer for hours.

naked and handcuffed in a chair

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Video: Top-man Anthony edges Nigel for hours


This is from Dream Boy Bondage. Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard – even though the captive is terrified and his nipples are screaming in pain. Anthony knows how to keep a cock hard, on the edge of cumming, sometimes for hours. Completely naked, his torso showing signs of the whip, Nigel moans in combination of pain, fear and desire, so ready to bust a load his body shakes from head to toe as Anthony works his cock and fingers his asshole. Finally, after edging him for hours, Anthony lets his prisoner’s cock erupt like a geyser. Even after he cums, Nigel remains rock-hard. His reward: More pain. Nigel screams as he’s stretched so wide his legs completely touch the ground. He’ll remain like that, doing the splits, overnight, chained in a dungeon, naked, blindfolded, gagged and helpless, whimpering in pain, his dick still oozing cum.

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Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard

Video: Gareth is tied up for hole abuse

At BreederFuckers, Gareth’s hot masculine body is totally on display as he’s strapped down like a wild stallion. Scroll down for a free video clip.

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Gareth’s arsehole is worked over to stretch it open and keep him in position to take cock after cock in a relentless gang bang. He feels the tip of a vibrator tickling his guts like how men’s dicks will soon be pounding against his prostate. Adrian manipulates the bastard’s dick until he’s got a red angry hard on and spills his sperm. He uses the hetero’s spunk to lube up his hole and fuck him hard because of course he has to sample the goods before whoring him out.

Here is a video preview:


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Male-on-male bondage sex

In this ‘Duty Bound’ scene at Str8Hell, Petr Ujen is blindfolded and naked. He is gagged too and his wrists and ankles are shackled as he kneels on the chair. He is making a lot of noise as his tormentor, Oleg Hubert, comes in. Oleg takes a swig from his bottle as he spanks on Petr’s ass. Then he starts to whip that sexy ass a little and spanks it as well. Spreading Petr’s ass cheeks Oleg examines the tight hole. He removes Petr’s blindfold and rubs his bottle against that sexy asshole.

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Watch the VIDEO at Str8Hell

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