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Bondage Garage

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Sitting on a steel barrel, mechanic’s apprentice Micky Mackenzie jerks his cock while gazing at a gay porn mag. Behind him, lead mechanic Lance Hart is unimpressed. If Micky wants to keep his job, he’ll have to give Lance what he wants. Micky stands up straight and Lance binds him to a post with thick, rough hemp rope. Lance attaches Micky’s hands to his cock and starts intensely tickling the young apprentice. Lance even strips off Micky’s socks and attacks his feet. No matter how much Micky struggles, he can’t get away from Lance’s tickling fingers. After completing his relentless ticklation, Lance straps a gag over Micky’s face with a big, black dildo protruding from it. He pushes Micky down on the pole so that he is crouching on the floor. Shedding his work jumpsuit, Lance backs his ass up into Micky’s face and fucks himself on the dildo strapped to Micky’s mouth. When Lance has satisfied his ass, he unties Micky, lays him on top of a barrel, and shoves his cock inside the sub’s tight hole. Micky squeezes his eyes shut and contorts his face as Lance has his way with Micky’s ass.

lance_hart_an_micky_mackenzie_fisting_04 lance_hart_an_micky_mackenzie_fisting_05


Actors in this shoot: Lance Hart, Micky Mackenzie

Categories: Anal, Boots, Jock Straps, Oral, Restraints, Toys

Title: Bondage Garage

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