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Breaking Boys: Pick-Up Night

By RotherhamMan

Don was just finishing up with Jason when his phone rang.

Jason had been in his dungeon for over a month now, almost the longest time anyone had spent down there. The trouble had been finding a buyer who wanted a heavily tattooed man in his late thirties who had been used and abused for such a period. Don had done so much to Jason that he had almost gotten bored with him and was in danger of losing more money than he would like if he was there any longer. He fed his slaves on a special chow that resembled dog food and hosed them down when needed, but that was all he really spent on them. Jason had been fed and watered but hadn’t been allowed to wash since he arrived and was filthy.

The guy was however beginning to acclimatise with his new life. He slept well on the concrete floor and had learned to assume a kneeling position when Don entered. Don kept his visits irregular to confuse the occupants of how much time was passing, leaving as little as a minute or as long as a whole day between sessions. Sleeping and feeding times were also varied. Don came in and emptied the chow into a bowl rather than use a machine to do it to associate food with him and only slid it to the prisoner after they had thanked him properly. The lights were either on or off as he determined, bright enough to prevent sleep or pitch black. Some developed a fear of the dark from this, especially if he left them in pain or discomfort.

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Kidnapped in a business suit

Dani Rivera, in his Men at Play debut, prepares his briefcase with important documents and a stack of cash. When he’s almost ready to leave, a stranger surprises him from behind and renders him unconscious. Dani is awoken, blindfolded and tied to a chair. Someone is tapping him on the head, asking him for the code to open his briefcase.

Since Dani refuses to share the code, the stranger takes a high-pressure power water gun and starts spraying him with cold water. Drenched and cold, Dani finally shouts the code.

The stranger opens the briefcase and finds what he was looking for: the money and documents. But wait, there is more; several anal toys which he soon uses to torture his victim with.

He makes Dani suck a massive black dildo, then impels him to suck his cock. Shortly thereafter, he unties Dani but keeps his hands tied, moves him against the wall and works his ass with the anal sex toys followed with a rough fuck. While Dani is getting fucked, he manages to remove the blindfold, finding out that the stranger is Manuel Scalco, also making his Men at Play debut.

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Title of this shoot: Wet & Code

Featuring: Manuel Scalco & Dani Rivera

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Leo Edwards: Captured Again

A hot college stud who was captured and tortured in the Dream Boy Bondage dungeon a year ago is spotted by top man Felix Frost and another young top, Grant Dixon.  Felix nabs the blond that very night and delivers him to the same dungeon as a gift for Grant, who whips, fucks and tortures the prisoner for weeks! In Leo Edwards: Captured Again – Part 1, Grant Dixon drags Leo Edwards out of the back of a car, strings him up in the dungeon, beats him with a crop, sucks him cock and leaves him in his dungeon to be used and abused at any time in any way.



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Kidnapped by Bound Muscle Jocks

Check out this shoot at BoundMuscleJocks.com. Blaze decides to get his money’s worth from the deadbeat Axel. He throws him to the ground and ties him like a steer before taking him to his private dungeon. There he gets the captive naked before subjecting him to electro torment and a good whipping. Axel starts to wish he had paid his debts.

Bound muscle jocks

Title of this shoot: “Your Arse Is Mine Now Part 1”

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Breaking Boys: Colin – Chapter 1

By RotherhamMan

Only one of them knew when the door opened that the life of one of the two of them was over.

This was not the case before the door opened, it was a fact that came into being when the two men looked at one another and at that moment, Colin’s life as he knew it was done and a new one would soon be taking its place. That moment lit a fire in Don’s eyes and sent his heart racing with the thrill of anticipation.

It was, of course, his looks that sealed his fate, as it was for every man who crossed paths with Don whom he took an unfortunate like to. He was just touching six feet tall and had a lean but firm figure, his chest and arm muscles were made known by the t-shirt he wore that was just a little to tight, as he well knew. His work trousers were loose but that didn’t matter. His face was what sealed the deal, with a thick beard and dirty blonde hair styled up and back he was a handsome figure that could almost pass for a Viking in the right costume. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, young enough to be Don’s son if Don were interested in women or having children.

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Video: Gabriel is strung up in a dungeon and whipped

Gabriel is strung up in a dungeon and whipped

You hear the story all the time, but everyone dismisses it as an urban legend: A young college student, in a river town like Minneapolis, leaves a party and disappears into thin air. Rumors fly that he was kidnapped and sold into slavery — or worse. Don’t be ridiculous, the authorities insist, he must have slipped into the river and his body was swept away. But, guess what? The rumors are true: There is a reason these missing young men are always fit and good-looking — because that’s the way we like them! Garbriel Cruz is such a captive, a well-built, 21-year-old college student who left a party drunk and walked home alone, along the river. But he didn’t fall off a rock into a swift current or jump off a bridge; he was grabbed and thrown into a van, stripped of his T-shirt and shoes, blindfolded and bound. He is now hanging in a dark, concrete room, pants around his knees. “What are you going to do to me?” he asks, tears in his eyes. His captor, Garret Stone, is a muscular, unsmiling young man, nearly naked but for some leather gear. And he has a whip.

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Title of this episode: Gabriel Cruz – Taken For Torture – Chapter 1

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Dream Boy Bondage video


Raptor – Chapter 1

By Bikermike

Raptor: from the Latin, meaning plunderer, thief, ravisher

Alex thought it odd that his underpants were missing. He was quite sure he left them in a pile with his other clothes before he stepped into the shower after a workout at his local gym. It wasn’t an expensive gym; no lockers, but had a communal shower. Neither were his underpants: certainly not a designer pair, being 23 he had been unable to afford such luxuries, unemployed as he was.

They were just a pair of briefs that he had bought from the supermarket, skimpy enough, just sufficient to cover his genitals. He thought “Why would anyone want these?” He glanced around the changing room: there were the usual heavily muscled tattooed body builders, some older guys just wanting to keep fit and a smattering of office worker types, excercising on a day off. As was the rule, nobody spoke to anyone else, a trait so common in male gym changing rooms.

Shrugging, he heaved on his faded Levi jeans over his slim hips, picked up his gym shorts and shirt, had a quick look round on the floor, half expecting to see his underpants kicked under the benches, but to no avail.

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