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Hayden Richards is bound, suspended and edged

Hayden Richards

Check out Hayden Richards. His fat, 8-inch cock immediately gets hard as they tease him with a couple vibrators. Once he’s warmed up, Hayden is suspended in a hogtie, where he tastes the flogger. His cock stays as hard as a rock with the feel of ropes against his muscled body and the flogger on his back. Hayden is tied down to the bed, where his hole is eaten and his cock is edged, till he can’t take it any more and he sprays his hot load all over himself.

Men On Edge 29063_5

Video of this shoot here

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Metalbond Prison Library: Links to some gay bondage stories

One of the stories below so offended a Metalbond reader, that he says he will never come back to this site ever again. So I guess I need to warn the rest of you fellas: Please don’t read ‘Kangaroo Court’ if you are turned off by the idea of noose play.

Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court – Part 2

Kangaroo Court – Part 3

Procedure 10


The Craftsmen — a Sequel to Craftsmenship


Guys … there will be more stories coming soon.  A number of you have sent stories recently (thanks!) but I have been traveling and I have not had time to edit/prepare stuff, but I will get to it as soon as I can.

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Yeah, that’s Master Avery on the pages of Rolling Stone mag

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (circulation, 12 trillion) arrived at Metalbond’s apartment, and lo and behold, it’s none other than Master Avery – aka Christian Patrick – pictured in an article about the Sundance Film Festival!

Christian Patrick aka Master Avery

You can see lots more of Master Avery right here on Metalbond by clicking here, and you can see him in action over at the various Kink.com sites by clicking here.

(Meanwhile, does anyone know how I might actually see the movie ‘Interior: Leather Bar’?)

Big-cocked jock gets fucked and paddled by his biology teacher

Doug Acre gets bound and fucked by his hot biology teacher Mr. Herst

Doug Acre gets bound and fucked by his hot biology teacher Mr. Herst

Doug Acre gets bound and fucked by his hot biology teacher Mr. Herst

Mr. Herst is a tough, hot teacher who doesn’t take any bull from his students. As Mr. Herst is explaining the course outline, the class jock, Doug Acre, is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor. Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big, throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst bends the stud over his knee, playing with his hole and giving him the paddling he deserves. Once more Doug is bent over the teacher’s desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight hole. Doug is flipped over on his back and gets fucked so hard he cums all over himself. Seeing Doug’s hot load pushes Mr. Herst to the edge, and he finishes the jock off with a load dripping on his face.

Mr. Herst to the edge, and he finishes the jock off with a load dripping on his face.Bound Godstied to the desk and fucked

Video here

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Jackson Fillmore gay bondage

Questions from readers of this site, answered

Hey Metal,

Big fan of your site! I was just wondering/hoping if you or any of your followers have or know where to find any photos or videos of military guys or cops in chastity? Hope you can help! Love everything on the site, especially the stories, and love Atlanta Stud’s entries in particular.

Thank you again for all your daily efforts.

Have a great day.


Metal responds:

Hey Jon,

I have tons and tons of chastity pictures saved up, but I don’t have many of cops or military men. Perhaps some other readers of this site will see your request and send me some pictures. How about it guys? Any of you in military or law enforcement with caged-up cocks?


Michael writes,

You are yousing coyright protectet Material of us. Pleas remove otherwise we have to give it to our lawer to do the necessary things.



Metal responds,

OK Michael, I have taken down the picture that came from your pay site. It’s not necessary to make threats. I could have done a follow-up posting telling readers where the picture in question came from, linking to your site. I could have added you to my sidebar and links page. But I won’t bother to do those things. You might have gotten some extra sign-ups. Oh well. Best wishes to you, mister.


Dear Metal,

Love your photos sir. I saw the NYPD shirt. Are you on the job?

Metal responds:

I’m not a cop. However I DO have handcuffs and know how to use them.


Dear Metal,

I’m trying to find a story where this guy was once a military officer or corrections officer and he builds a prison on the site of his property. Guys pay him to keep them in bondage. He has this one guy in this really hi tech bondage suit for an extended period of time. Ultimately, he ends up trying a suit which he thinks is just like the one that the other guy was in … come to find out, it is the same suit … and now he’s going to be locked into it by the other guy.

Metal responds,

That was a series of stories from my old site, called Craftsmenship / Craftsmen, by longtime Metalbond contributor Marknorth. Tell you what, I’ll dig that series up and re-post it in the prison library, so you can enjoy it all over again.


Anyone else have any questions for me? If so, you can use the contact form located on the right hand side of the About tab.

gay bondage videos

Skinny Dipping

By Rob Allie

This story is fiction, a figment of my warped imagination.  Should the characters in this story even remotely bare similarities to any real person, living or dead, it was purely accidental and any such similarities are strictly coincidences.

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate gay sex.  If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don’t. If you are offended by acts of homosexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

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