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Leo Forte gets worked over hard at Bound Gods

They are calling this the ‘most intense session ever’ on Bound Gods

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the house. Leo Forte, slave #198, is brought in to service the magnificent new dom. Van welcomes Mr Richards and commences dom training. Somehow things get personal and the spotlight is on #198. The bondage session gets brushed aside for a moment. Van takes #198 on the most intense journey in the history of Bound Gods.

gay bondage 29574_6

#198 is stripped naked physically, mentally and spiritually because he’s too smart for his own good. With Daddy Zeus passing this last winter, Van makes a last attempt to get #198 on track. Will he succeed? Or, will the House crumple with no successor?

Gay Bondage

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Nasty Bartender Takedown with Will Parks and Rob Yaeger

Cock-blocking  Will Parks is taken down by a group of pissed off gay bar patrons

gay bondage

There’s a new straight, but intolerant bartender at the gay bar named Will Parks. After yelling at a couple kissing at the bar, and breaking up the bathroom cruising spot, the crowd is completely fed up. Before Will knows it, the angry homophobe is taken down and his clothes ripped off in front of a crowd.

gay bondage

The guys tie him up and take him around the bar for everyone to grope before holding him down and zapping his balls with the electric zapper. Will is made to service the entire crowd before he’s passed around like a little fuck doll for everyone to use and abuse. After a fresh zipper, the horny patrons take turns dropping their loads on the bartender’s face before dragging him upstairs, where the punishment has only begun.

gay bondage

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Officer Connor Maguire binds, beats and fucks his perverted prisoner

Caleb Colton, Connor Maguire

Officer Connor Maguire, a new officer on duty, watches over the perverted sex offender Caleb Colton. Caleb has been blindfolded and locked in chastity for his insubordination. Officer Maguire enters the cell and makes the pervert suck his fat cock and then fucks the prisoner’s tight hole with his nightstick. After receiving a vicious flogging from front to back, Caleb is suspended on his back, where Officer Maguire gives him the fuck of his life and blows his load on the prisoner’s face. Covered in cum, Caleb sprays his own load on the officer’s boot and licks up every drop of cum.

Caleb Colton, Connor Maguire29064_15

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Van Darkholme gay bondage top

Hayden Richards is bound, suspended and edged

Hayden Richards

Check out Hayden Richards. His fat, 8-inch cock immediately gets hard as they tease him with a couple vibrators. Once he’s warmed up, Hayden is suspended in a hogtie, where he tastes the flogger. His cock stays as hard as a rock with the feel of ropes against his muscled body and the flogger on his back. Hayden is tied down to the bed, where his hole is eaten and his cock is edged, till he can’t take it any more and he sprays his hot load all over himself.

Men On Edge 29063_5

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Metalbond Prison Library: Links to some gay bondage stories

One of the stories below so offended a Metalbond reader, that he says he will never come back to this site ever again. So I guess I need to warn the rest of you fellas: Please don’t read ‘Kangaroo Court’ if you are turned off by the idea of noose play.

Kangaroo Court

Kangaroo Court – Part 2

Kangaroo Court – Part 3

Procedure 10


The Craftsmen — a Sequel to Craftsmenship


Guys … there will be more stories coming soon.  A number of you have sent stories recently (thanks!) but I have been traveling and I have not had time to edit/prepare stuff, but I will get to it as soon as I can.

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Yeah, that’s Master Avery on the pages of Rolling Stone mag

The latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine (circulation, 12 trillion) arrived at Metalbond’s apartment, and lo and behold, it’s none other than Master Avery – aka Christian Patrick – pictured in an article about the Sundance Film Festival!

Christian Patrick aka Master Avery

You can see lots more of Master Avery right here on Metalbond by clicking here, and you can see him in action over at the various Kink.com sites by clicking here.

(Meanwhile, does anyone know how I might actually see the movie ‘Interior: Leather Bar’?)

Big-cocked jock gets fucked and paddled by his biology teacher

Doug Acre gets bound and fucked by his hot biology teacher Mr. Herst

Doug Acre gets bound and fucked by his hot biology teacher Mr. Herst

Doug Acre gets bound and fucked by his hot biology teacher Mr. Herst

Mr. Herst is a tough, hot teacher who doesn’t take any bull from his students. As Mr. Herst is explaining the course outline, the class jock, Doug Acre, is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor. Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big, throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst bends the stud over his knee, playing with his hole and giving him the paddling he deserves. Once more Doug is bent over the teacher’s desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight hole. Doug is flipped over on his back and gets fucked so hard he cums all over himself. Seeing Doug’s hot load pushes Mr. Herst to the edge, and he finishes the jock off with a load dripping on his face.

Mr. Herst to the edge, and he finishes the jock off with a load dripping on his face.Bound Godstied to the desk and fucked

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