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Painful ball stretching at Bound Muscle Jocks

At Bound Muscle Jocks, soldiers Tyler and Duke can’t believe their predicament. They never imagined they would be captured by a man as sexually sadistic as Master Callahan. With their balls trapped in leather, the ropes are applied, tugging their scrotums away, crossing in front of them. They watch in agony as Master adds heavy chains, every movement flooding their cocks and balls with the pain of ball stretching!

Painful ball stretching at Bound Muscle Jocks

See the VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers and Dire Callahan

Scene Short Description: Dungeon Games – Into The Woods 3

See the VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Predicament bondage for Drew

For Drew there is no greater shame than having his arsehole being leered at by a gang of filthy queers. But that’s exactly the position he’s bound in, with his legs strung up in the air he can’t cover his precious sphincter. Any big movement will cause the rope around his neck to tighten, so he must fight the urge to pull away from Adrian’s groping hands at every second. The intensity is increased when Adrian lashes the sensitive soles of Drew’s feet and his tender bum cheeks with a cane. He’s put even more in a bind with his nuts and silky dick bound up.

gay bondage and humiliation

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Male BDSM porn: Connor Maguire tests Dylan Knight’s hunger for pain

“There is only pain and pleasure, Sir!” No mercy: this pain slut slave can’t get enough.


In this archived post at Bound Gods, the sweet, earthy smoke of a fine cigar exits Connor Maguire’s ripped body and fills the narrow corridor leading down to the basement. There, Slave #002 awaits his master, slung in ropes from a rusted, chain-link fence. Connor blows smoke in the slave’s face before groping the slave’s eager cock. #002 receives an ample caning from Connor, thanking his master through the sharp blows from the cane. The painslut slave’s dick bulges as his body is covered in clover clamps and he receives more swift caning. Connor takes the slave from the fence and secures him on the rack. With his back contorted into a severe arch, the slave worships cock and has his balls crushed. The slave begs for mercy as Connor flogs his open chest, but Connor refuses. Instead of mercy, there is only pain and pleasure, and the slave is made to chant that mantra as the flogging intensifies. Connor suspends #002 from the ceiling and pounds his massive cock deep into the slave. He jerks a load from his slave before having him eat it off his leather glove. The slave is brought to his knees and hungrily takes his master’s cum. Satisfied, Connor walks off, commanding #002 to wait at attention for the next dom.

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Models in this shoot: Connor Maguire, Dylan Knight

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Killian drools through the ballgag

Here is more of Killian at BreederFuckers. Stark naked on all fours, he’s tied to a block like a prize bull that’s going to be auctioned off.

Killian male bdsm

With the ball gag fixed in his mouth he constantly drools, driving the humiliating fact into him that he’s nothing more than a lowly beast. To Killian’s horror a hook is inserted in his anus and attached to his head harness so he can’t buck or try to escape without tearing himself apart. Pegs are attached all over his most sensitive bits from his nips to his bollocks so Killian is in constant pain and agonizingly aware of his subjugation. Adrian tenderizes his big pale rump till it’s burning hot by severely belting him. Now any slap to his arse causes the most excruciating pain but he’s challenged to remain completely silent while he’s beaten further. After such vicious discipline any moment of reprieve feels like a sweet kindness. He aches for any moment of pleasure, but Killian needs to be punished for taking such enjoyment. Look at what a sweaty, stinking, cum-covered mess Killian has become! How the mighty have fallen!

male bondage ballgag

Video at BreederFuckers

male bondage videos

Life on the Beach (Novel Excerpt)

By Aquala Guy

Instructor Gable nodded his consent to the commandant, and went to his locker to retrieve a second set of restraints and a gag.  Tomlinson made no move to avoid the restraints.  He knew from his own days as a cadet just how restrictive and uncomfortable these restraints could be, and he allowed Gable to tighten them past the point of pain.  Everyone was surprised to see Tomlinson achieve a full, throbbing erection as his arms were secured.  It was the first time Matthew had ever seen his papa erect, and his eyes lit.

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Jim Roberts has to pick what ball torture he will endure out of a fish bowl

I really admire the hot men who put their testicles on the line over at Roger’s site, Shotgun Video. And the creative things Roger comes up with.

Severe testicle torture

In JackPot! starring Jim Roberts. Roger puts together several intense ball torture techniques, jots them down on paper, folds them up and places them in a fishbowl. Next he straps Jim down and makes him draw his “prizes” which Roger administers.

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