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Kirk Cummings is beaten, humiliated and fucked in a crowded bar

Bound In Public

The bar is full of horny men, and Kirk Cummings is the main attraction. The crowd holds Kirk down as he endures the flogger. Kirk is fondled and made to suck cock as he’s tied up and suspended in a hogtie. Jacques LaVere pins Kirk down to the table and everyone fucks his tight hole.

Kirk CummingsKirk Cummings is beaten, humiliated and fucked in a crowded bar

Kirk is tormented even more by having hot wax poured all over his chest. Kirk services the crowd one last time, having all their hot loads blown onto his face. With cum dripping down his face, Kirk is made to cum all over a hot french guy’s foot and lick up every last drop.

Kirk Cummings

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Kirk Cummings gay bondage

If you ever get locked in a full-body metal cage …

… you are definitely going to suck lots of cock and get fucked. Just like this fella at KinkMen:

Cole Streets and Sebastian Keys

In a bar full of horny men, Cole Streets and Sebastian Keys drag around Kirk Cummings, who is stuffed in a full-body metal case. Kirk is made to suck random cocks as the men finger his wet hole. Cole and Sebastian fuck and smack the prisoner’s ass while the crowd cheers. A ripped French stud shoves his nine-inch uncut cock down Kirk’s throat. The captive is made to lick the French stud’s hairy armpits. Kirk is humiliated by licking random feet in the crowded bar. John Jammen blows a massive load all over the Kirk’s face.

Cole and Sebastian fuck and smack the prisoner's assCole Streets and Sebastian Keys drag around Kirk CummingsMetalbound NYC

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gay bondage stories chastity

Shut up and take our cocks!

14051_14733_13124_BiP_header_131814Kirk Cummings’ punishment continues on the streets of San Francisco, where he’s whored out and covered in wax and cum at KinkMen!

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Kirk Cummings lost his Naked Kombat fight against Dominic Pacifico, and now Kirk’s punishment is just getting started. Dominic leads him down the street, bound and blindfolded, until he spots a playspace to whore Kirk out at. A line of horny dudes wait to enter the playspace, when all of a sudden Kirk is busted through the door, shoved to his knees and has his face buried in their crotches. Aroused, the guys whip out their cocks and put the bound stud’s mouth right to work before taking him upstairs to the glory holes. The crowd tears away Kirk’s clothes and bends his ass over to get fucked like a spit roast. Next the guys line up their cocks as a spider gag pries Kirk’s mouth open, ready to suck every dick in sight. They use his mouth like the whore that he is before tying him down with a hood on his head. They handgag his mouth to shut him up as Dominic gives his hole a final fuck before the guys line up and give the bound man a nice bukkake all over his face.


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Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall

Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall

When pervy janitor Jesse Zeppelin spots sexy stud Kirk Cummings walking alone, he ceases his opportunity and takes Kirk back to his compound. Once there, Jesse duct tapes his hostage to a bathroom stall and slowly starts whipping a bound and gagged Kirk. Terrified and helpless, Kirk screams out as Jesse has his way with the whip and an electric wand. Jesse decides to cut Kirk some slack and removes the tape so Kirk can suck on Jesse’s thick cock at the urinal. The janitor keeps using his mouth slave relentlessly until Kirk’s mouth gets filled with warm cum, direct from the tip of Jesse’s throbbing rod.

Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall


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Title: Taken

Actors: Kirk Cummings, Jesse Zeppelin

Site: Raging Stallion

Kirk Cummings gets duct taped to a bathroom stall