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How do you like my Gravatar?

Hey guys, for those who like to post comments here, there is a feature that allows you to have an icon image next you your name where your comments  appear. It’s called a “gravatar” and here is mine:

MetalbondNYC behind bars… I went with a picture of me behind bars, where I belong. So we can all get Gravatars now. If you want to get one, click here. It also works for any other site that has Gravatars.

I made the gossip pages!

… the gay porn gossip pages, that is!

The Gay Porn Gossip website — known as “the internet’s only website featuring all the gossip of the gay adult industry” — has published an article about the Metalbond website re-launch … and it is their current top story! Check it out:

Gay Porn Gossip profiles Metalbond site

To read the complete article, click here.


UPDATE: Two more websites — XBIZ and JRL Charts Online — have also run articles about the Metalbond site!


MetalbondNYC is re-launched

Hello bondage fanatics, prisoners, guards, trustees, Masters, porn addicts, chastity slaves, wankers and lurkers (you know which one you are),

Welcome to the official re-launch of the Metalbond site!

Metalbond bannerI’ve been working hard over the past few months on this site re-design. What do you think?

Let me give you guys a brief tour:

First, you’ll notice that Metalbond is now organized with tabbed sections, to make finding what you want easier and more convenient.

The main section, the “Home” page, is where I will continue to update this site, just as I have for the past thee-plus years, with new contents at least twice a day. But now, I will be able to share things much better — with an overall better look and feel.

You might also notice that this site will now load much faster, and that annoying “picture problem,” where images were not displaying properly on my old site, will finally be a thing of the past.

If you have not already done so, be sure you set your bookmark to:


… so that you will see the newest updates each time you visit. (And if you are one of my fellow bloggers, please update your link for Metalbond to the .com address, too.)

Here’s a rundown on what else is new:

• For those who like to post comments, it’s now easier than ever. Just enter your name and an email address (which will be unpublished) and your comment, and your words will be made visible after moderation, usually within a few hours or less.

• There is now a convenient search feature, in the upper right, which will make it easier than ever for you to find stuff that gets you hard … or straining in your cock cage.

• If you happen to be an on-the-go type, this site is now able to detect if you are on a mobile phone or tablet, and it will automatically display in a condensed, mobile version.

Metalbond in Yossie's Cel• Those of you who enjoy good bondage stories will want to check under the tab for Prison Library, where lots of the great bondage fiction that has appeared on this site in the past now resides. To help you find what you are looking for more easily, if you hover your mouse you’ll find sub-tabs for each author. Check it out. You may very well find something there that you had not read before, or you might rediscover a long-forgotten story or author.

• The most recently added stories are listed under the STORIES BY DATE sub-tab under Prison Library. I’m pleased to announce that in addition to old story favorites, you will find excellent featured stories by new authors. There’s one called “Half Masked” by Boots Rule, and another called “10 Days in Detention” by socalbd. There’s also a brand new story by longtime Metalbond contributor Marknorth, titled “Camping Trip.”

In2Uniform• You might be wondering what is going on with my OLD site. It will remain online. That’s because, due to some technical difficulties, I was not able to move the whole thing over here. So instead, what I did was migrate a great deal of the more popular Metalbond postings from the past three years to this new site. Since there was waaaaaay too much material for me to bring it all over, my OLD thumblogger site will remain online indefinitely — but it is now re-named the Metalbond Archives. You can access all of the old, un-migrated material by clicking on the Archives tab.

• Once you’ve had enough Metalbond for one day, you can find other sites to visit under the LINKS tab, where many of my own favorite sites, and many excellent third-party porn sites and gear and equipment vendors that support Metalbond, are listed. Be sure to click through to these many other fantastic blogs and “worth-the-money” pay sites often, and patronize them whenever you can. By supporting them, you are supporting Metalbond.

• In addition to all of the above, I will be adding even more new features to the site in the coming weeks and months.

So there you have it.

As always, I welcome your feedback. Please let me know what you think. If there are any favorite entries from my old site that you would like to see moved here, please send me a request. If you notice a bug or a glitch, please tell me that as well. And if you have any pictures or stories to share, I would like to hear from you!

You can email me at m e t a l b o n d n y c @ g m a i l . c o m , or by using the contact form located in the upper right of the About page.



June 10, 2012


Metalbond Q&A: Meeting Van Darkholme

A Visit to Bound Gods Headquarters in San Francisco by MetalbondNYCA Visit to Bound Gods Headquarters in San Francisco

By Metalbond

Armory pictures courtesy of SeriousBondage.com

While visiting San Francisco recently, I had the opportunity to accompany the men from the Serious Male Bondage website on a field trip to Kink.com headquarters. This enormous enterprise encompasses dozens of bondage-themed adult websites — including the kinky gay sites Bound Gods, Butt Machine Boys and Naked Kombat, plus many other hetero kink sites. The whole business is located in the Mission District of San Francisco — in the armory, an imposing building where the movies for all of these various sites are produced, cast, directed, filmed, edited and marketed.

Bound GodsI cannot even begin to tell you how massive this whole self-contained kink universe is. Even for a jaded New Yorker like me, I must say I was quite impressed. It made me think of the days when MGM and Paramount Studios had huge properties with sound stages, wardrobe departments, set designers and thousands of worker bees running around making movies — not to mention all the big talent like Bette Davis and Mickey Rooney, working under contract. In its heyday during the 1930s and 1940s the American film industry cranked out hundreds of movies every year, to satisfy the ever-growing demand of an insatiable pubic.

In a way, Kink.com is a lot like the golden age of Hollywood. To begin with, when we arrived, we were buzzed in through security and literally drove into the building and parked inside. They have a reception desk, and we had to sign in. We saw dozens of full-time employees going about their business, working behind computers, editing film, creating marketing and promotional materials, and carrying out support and administrative tasks — all cranking out new adult entertainment. These people are all professionals, and they really know what they are doing. The only difference is that, unlike Hollywood, which churned out movies the whole family could enjoy in the theater, the focus with Kink.com is on a much narrower fan base: consenting adults who want to watch very well made kinky porn. And boy do they deliver.

The Armory in San FranciscoNo matter what sexual orientation you are or what kinky fetish you might have, chances are there is a website headquartered here that will get you all hot and bothered. If you happen to get off on seeing grown men tied up and dominated by intimidating, latex-clad vixens in spiked heels, they’ve got you covered. Maybe you prefer to see women in gags and harnesses being worked over by dominant straight men. Well, they have a site or two for you as well. Into watersports? No problem! How about a site featuring athletic men wrestling on mats for real stakes — with the loser getting fucked by the winner? Yeah, they’ve thought of that, too!

The Armory in San FranciscoAnd if you’re like me and you enjoy watching really well made kinky gay bondage porn featuring some of the hottest and most adventuresome gay porn stars with great bodies and dependable dicks who know how to suck and fuck like champions, you need look no further than Bound Gods. As readers of this blog know well, Bound Gods is one of my very favorite sites.

Then it’s no surprise, of course, that the highlight of the day was the chance I got to meet Van Darkholme — the man behind the Bound Gods site — in person. In the flesh. Wow. In my opinion, he looked much hotter in person than he does in videos, if you can imagine that. He’s tall and worked out, has beautiful eyes and nice dark hair, and has a healthy skin tone. You can tell he eats right and gets plenty of sleep. He greeted us wearing cargo pants, a sleeveless blue T-shirt and comfortable sneakers, also blue. (He changed into a black ribbed cotton tank top for the on-camera interview we did later) .

When we started talking, I could tell right away that that he is just a normal guy. He even told me right off that he doesn’t let his porn stardom go to his head, and this was apparent in his demeanor. I found him to be friendly, soft-spoken, gracious and polite. When I asked him casually what he likes to do outside the dungeon, he looked me in the eye and without hesitation said gardening, with a sincere grin. But don’t be fooled. Behind all of Van’s boy-next-door charm lurks a true bondage master. He has been known to have even the biggest and most muscular of men trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and whimpering like a baby in no time flat. When we started talking about his work, his eyes lit up and he became more animated. It’s clearly something he enjoys very much. He explained that he likes to work the tops in his videos hard, and that he takes excellent care of his slaves, protecting them and making sure they get what they need. He also shared some humorous behind-the-scenes anecdotes, one of them involving the actor Nick Moretti, who … well, let’s just say he got a little “over-enthusiastic” one day with a fellow actor.

Van took us to one of the sets, and I immediately recognized it from The Slaughterhouse. He showed us the tenterhooks hanging on runners from the ceiling, the wet area complete with drain in the floor, the built-in cage in the wall, and some of the hanging meat props. He also pointed out how the walls and floors in the room had been treated for a realistic look on screen. They think of all the details.

We got to peek inside some of the other sets, including the bar, featured most recently in Bar Bondage Hookup 2. I really wanted to see the padded cell set featured in The Sex Addict and Tommy, but it was in use. In fact, many of other sets were in use, with blinking red signs outside the doors warning passers-by that filming is in progress, keep voices down. We also got to visit the infamous Upper Floor at Kink.com, where some of the group scenes and live action updates take place.

Van also showed us the equipment room, where the restraints, whips, floggers, hoods, gags, butt toys and other devices are stored. He showed us how directors can come to the room and “check out” equipment to be used in their movies. Sort of like a kinky library or depository. Van said we could not touch any of the gear that would go in someone’s mouth or ass. As he explained, all the gags and butt toys are thoroughly sanitized after each use, and then quarantined for seven days before being put back in circulation. They also have a prep room, where all the actors clean their privates before any on-camera action takes place. We didn’t go in there.

Van also took us on a tour of the rest of the Armory building itself, which really is a former armory. It has a shooting gallery and a live stream running through the basement. (An interesting side note is that when Kink.com purchased the armory building itself, the transaction generated quite a bit of local controversy. Some community activists and neighborhood groups were up in arms over what they perceived as a threat from kinky perverts about to descend en masse into the neighborhood, filling the area with nefarious characters. That didn’t come to pass, of course, and since then the new residents of the armory and its neighbors have apparently settled into a peaceful coexistence. They even host community groups sometimes for events inside the massive indoor space.)

Before we left for the day, Van told us a little about his new, soon-to-be-launched website, called Bound in Public, which will feature lots of rough play and humiliation. I for one cannot wait to see what this site will be like.

Bound Gods Bound GodsBound Gods interview

Metalbond would like to thank Van Darkholme for his time and for graciously agreeing to be interviewed, and the Kink.com marketing department for granting access to the building and for their time and consideration as well.

Metalbond would also like to express his most sincere appreciation to Mark at Serious Male Bondage for arranging and facilitating the interview.

Be sure to watch for the on-camera discussion featuring Mark, Van and Metal at Serious Male Bondage.

See the latest updates from Bound Gods here

Get access to all the KnkMen gay bondage sties here

Van Darkholme gay bondage top

I’m product testing the chain and padlock from Alpha Designs

Metalbond chain collarI recently wore this chain and padlock from Alpha Designs for about 10 days, and I even mailed myself the keys over Labor Day weekend. I put the keys in the mail on Saturday afternoon, and mail pickup for the mailbox I used was not until the following Tuesday. It felt great, and I enjoyed the look.

Before I left for Fire Island last Friday, I locked it on again, leaving the keys at home in my apartment in Manhattan. The picture above was taken on the beach on Sunday afternoon. It’s really a nice chain. I’m staying out here until Thursday, so it will be another whole week of chain and lock for me.

Bob, the guy from Alpha Designs who polishes up these chains and locks and sells them through 665 Leather, emailed me the following message when I told him what I was up to:

“You really are giving the collar a good test run,” Bob said. “I’m sure that by now you are aware of just how powerful that simple chain and lock is, constantly present, you feel it when you wake every morning, and it’s the last thing you feel at night. I don’t think that it is possible to ever get completely used to being chained by the neck, I just can’t completely get used to the weight or movement of the collar.”

“The real power of it, is when another man uses it to control you during sex, with a leash attached or better yet, just held in his fist,” Bob says. “The submission it demands is overwhelming and absolute.”

Hey Bob, I completely understand. That’s very well said.  For me, just so all you guys know, my interest in wearing this is not that I consider myself a slave or that I want to be a slave or I want to be owned by somebody.  I just like things that lock.

To learn more about the chain and lock, visit this posting, or go right to the website of 665 Leather.



Metalbond is looking for Davespeed

A long, long time ago I used to chat online and over the phone with a very interesting man from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle or someplace like that, who went by the screen name of Davespeed. We talked a lot about fantasies and experiences regarding spread-eagle bondage, military brig incarceration, and long-term cage confinement. He also read me a story he had written, about a prison guard who gets locked up by a former inmate whom he used to guard. I’ve never forgotten these chats, all those years ago, to the point at which I am thinking of writing my own prison story inspired by the scenario described above.

Anyway, Davespeed, if you are out there somewhere, please get in touch with me! There is a contact form in the column to the right.


Clips vs locks

OK fuckers, listen up. This is important. Really important. In fact, I think this might be the most important blog posting I have ever put up here on Metalbond. I mean it. It has to do with the use of clips versus locks. Here’s the problem I am having: There are far too many men out there doing ineffective bondage with stupid, worthless CLIPS that can be un-clipped by the prisoner whenever he wants, rather than using LOCKS that cannot be undone without a key.

Bondage with clips makes no sense whatsoever. It’s like driving to the mall on a busy Saturday afternoon and locking your car doors, but leaving all your windows rolled down. What’s the point?

Take the picture below, for example:

Clips vs locksYeah, the guy is smoking hot and he looks great with his hands behind his back. But look a bit more closely at the way he is restrained. All he has to do is use his hands to unclip the clips, and he is free. What fun is that? This is not real physical restraint. It is play-acting!

Here are more examples of hot men who are “restrained” with inadequate, non-secure clips:

Clips vs locksClips vs locksThe men in the pictures above were restrained by lazy tops who don’t know what the fuck they are doing, or who don’t care. Is this any way to treat a prisoner? No. Fuck no. If they had been bound with PADLOCKS rather than clips, these would be some very hot predicaments, indeed!

Are you catching my drift here?

Another thing to keep in mind, is that if you do use locks, you also have to know HOW to use them. Some guys use their padlocks ineffectively, because either the restraints themselves are not locked on, or the restraints are locked on but then they are secured with clips. Remember that if you are using leather restraints, those have to LOCK ON, as well! Take these pictures, for example:

Clips vs locksClips vs locksClips vs locksEven though padlocks ARE used in the scenarios shown above, all the guys in these pictures have to do is either unbuckle the leather restraints or unhook the clips and they are free! That is because there are not locks on both the restraints AND whatever is securing them. Again, this is an ineffective, unacceptable way to restrain a prisoner!

Then there is THIS heinous misuse of a padlock:

Clips vs locks

What the fuck does this padlock do? Absolutely nothing! It is not keeping the collar on, nor is it locked TO anything. Like tits on a bull, this padlock is just sitting there, being useless. What a waste of a good padlock!

From now on, everyone needs to start using real, locking PADLOCKS to secure the restraints and then lock them TO something. No more clips, only padlocks.

If you don’t HAVE padlocks, that is no excuse. Go to Home Depot, for chrissakes, where you can buy dozens of different kinds of locks, in all different sizes, shapes, colors and configurations. You can get multiple locks that all open with the same key. You can even get combination locks that all open with the same combination, or you can get combination locks that you can set your own combination into, and use over and over again.


Then once you are properly equipped you can do REAL BONDAGE, like THIS:

Clips vs locksClips vs locksClips vs locks

Notice how the restraints keeping these men captive are properly locked on, so the restraints can in turn be properly locked TO something. These men will not be able to get out of their predicaments on their own. They are true prisoners, locked and secure — the way it should be!

Clips vs locksClips vs locksI hope I have made myself clear. Any questions?