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On the streets of San Francisco: Self-bondage with Ice Locks

MummyEd did some self-bondage on the streets (and public transit systems) of San Francisco:


MummyEd comes up with some original ideas. He wanted to do some self-bondage in a very public way. The addition of MISTER S ICE LOCK makes it even more interesting. The hoodie idea was from a friend who hauls his partner around the clubs of LA. The locking transport belt has a metal ring that slips into an opening in the front pouch. A set of handcuffs go through the ring and you are trapped in secret. MummyEd suspended the key out of reach with an ice lock. This would take over three hours to release, which gave plenty of time to take a ride on some public transportation. He headed for a kink-friendly coffee shop, where MummyEd locked his wrists in the handcuffs. After some shopping and sightseeing, he headed for the public transportation. The titillation of public bondage is fun because from this point on, you will try to imagine who else has a secret.



Ice locks available here

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The Spyder Gag


Available from Mr S Online, this gag has a stainless steel center ring that is 1 7/8 inches in diameter. He will be begging to suck your dick, but this gag will keep YOU in control — all he’ll get is a little taste (and a lot of sloppy drool). The four side prongs give that hot sexy spyder look, and the fully adjustable D-ring strap allows you to get that perfect fit.


HT089-24 HT089-48

Want this? Click for The Spyder Gag at Mr S Online


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Arms Down Bondage Harness

Check out the Arms Down Bondage Harness available from Mr S:


Strong straps buckle in to form crisscross strips over the body, holding two upper arm restraints and a pair of wrist restraints designed to keep the arms tied down to the body and limiting access and movement of both the wrist and elbow. The advantage to this bondage harness is that it has the same immobilizing effects of being in a sleep sack, but allows for the body to be accessible for play or torture.


To see more great leather restraints, visit Mr S Online

Punisher extended wear

By Pisslurper

I had been gone on a business trip for about 9 days.  I jerked off on Sunday night in the hotel, and vowed not to jerk off on Monday night because I was coming home to my boyfriend on Tuesday evening.  Surfing porn on the internet (especially the hot stories and pics on METALBOND) made me pretty horny.  Before I got on the plane Tuesday, I emailed my boyfriend and asked him to set out The Punisher, handcuffs, and leg irons for me when I got home.  I landed around 9:00 PM and was getting myself worked up on the drive home from the airport thinking about having my cock locked in the Punisher.  This was Tuesday evening, and my plan was to have my boyfriend lock my cock in it when I got home and stay in it until I went back to work on Thursday morning, if I could stand it. My previous record in The Punisher had been 24 hours.  Well, I am writing this on Friday evening, and my cock is still locked in it — almost 72 hours so far, and no end in sight!

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