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Bondage gear from Mr S

Here are some awesome restraints available from Mr S:


Static Rubber Bondage Tape

tape_R014-4 tape_R014-9 tape_R014-18


This thin rubber tape uses static electricity, rather than glue, so you never need to worry about lost eyebrows or hair! Works great (and looks great!) as a blindfold or you can use it as a lightweight restraint. Since this rubber tape has a bit of stretch to it you are going to want to make sure you use a lot if you are using this as wrist restraints to make sure your captive can’t weasel his way out. It can also be worn as an accessory to any rubber outfit. Comes in 3 high gloss colors: black, red and white.



Neoprene Quick Restraints

NEO546-03 NEO546-09 NEO546-012


Sometimes you want to just want to tie a guy down, get in, get off and get out. These new Velcro Restraints pack easy, are quick to slap on and don’t have the intimidation factor that some of the heavier restraints carry. Great for getting new guys to the scene comfortable enough to play, these easily bind hands behind the back or tie to the bed with just a little bit of rope.


To see more gear like this, go to Mr S





10 Days in Detention – Part 03

By Socalbd

It didn’t take long for the pain in my shoulders to get the better of me. The constant going back and forth, standing upright as I could then bending back over, was intense to say the least.

The static playing in my ears had the desired effect that John wanted. Since all I could hear was the droning of the hissing sound, it served to take my world and shrink it down to just me and my predicament. All my thoughts, all my energy was directed toward thinking about how to cope with this painful predicament position I was tolerating.

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