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What to wear while sucking cock



Once you put this hood on you are nothing but a hole for all the tops in the room. There’s nothing quite like getting used and never seeing your abuser. The only way you can tell who is raping your throat is by the size of his meat!

NEO523-3B NEO523-3Cv2 NEO523-6B

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Boy Trainer 2.0 Silicone Cock Cage


As readers of this blog know, Mr. S Leather has been selling the “Boy Trainer” and the “Punisher” silicone chastity cock cages. Everyone who has worn them loves them.

Now, Mr. S is upping the stakes with a new deluxe version of the original Boy Trainer – the Boy Trainer 2.0.

They say it’s about 100 percent more comfortable than the original because of its new design shape. Plus it’s also much easier to get on. This new version is a must for anyone interested in long-term chastity!

CB079-39 CB079-42

To learn more about the Boy Trainer 2.0, visit Mr S

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Puppy Tails and Puppy Tail Adaptor


Do you need a puppy tail? How about a harness to keep it in place? Check out these items available from Mr S: The Puppy Tail and the Puppy Adaptor


The Puppy tail is made of springy silicone that wiggles easily with any body movement. The length and curve of the tail makes it possible to wear standing up, too, with just a small hole to push the tail through your shorts or pants.

02_D480-6 03_D480-9

You can make sure that tail stays put with the new Puppy Tail Adaptor. It fits right into a Butt Plug Harness and keeps your tail firmly in place. If you have a non-locking harness, this will snap right in — or buy a new harness with the adaptor.

04_adaptor_n_harness 05_full_kit

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