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Punisher cock cage review

What kind of a sicko would lock his own dick up in a spiked chastity cage? My buddy Pisslurper, that’s who! He wrote about the details of wearing the Punisher cock cage from Mr S a couple years back … here’s a picture and his writeup:


Pisslurper writes,

So far, the longest that I had worn the Punisher was about 4 or 5 hours.  Then, last week I went on a short business trip and I wore it overnight for the first time.  I put it on around 7:00 PM after I got back from a dinner meeting.  This time my balls went through the cock ring part a lot easier.  I think it works better when I’m a little warm and my balls are hanging loose.  After getting my balls and cock in the ring portion, I lubed up my cock and shoved it into the spiked tube.  Wow — I absolutely love that feeling!!  I like how the device gives a little, and especially how it separates my balls.

Anyway, I surfed some porn on the internet, and enjoyed the sensations of getting hard, semi-hard, and going soft again.  I’m getting accustomed to the pain from the spikes, and for the most part is it enjoyable.

Normally I sleep on my stomach, and that puts some pressure on my cock so the spikes dig in some. I dozed off, and soon I discovered how often you get hard while you sleep!  Every time I would doze off and my cock would get hard, the pain from the spikes would wake me up.  The whole feeling is very erotic and frustrating.  I really wanted to just rip the device off and shoot my load, but I didn’t.  Needless to say, I slept rather fitfully, and my cock was frustrated and sore by morning.  I showered with the Punisher on, but I took it off right before I left my hotel room at 7:00 AM, so I had it one for 12 hours.  There were little indentations on my cock head, but overall, my cock didn’t seem too worse for the wear.

For a while that day I noticed that the head of my cock was pleasantly sore, very much like your nipples are the next day after a good work out.  I liked the feeling of that against my underwear during the day and rubbed my cock head a few times every time I took a piss at the urinal.

A couple of days later I had the opportunity to put the Punisher back on.  I put it on at home around 7:00 PM again, and once more I was headed off to a hotel to work at a remote site an hour or so away.  I did the same routine of watching porn and enjoying getting hard off and on.  This time I had left the keys in my car, so I could have gotten them if I wanted to get dressed and go out in the freezing cold to retrieve them.  That night was spent just like the other one, waking up as I would get hard in my sleep, then dozing off again, getting hard, waking up, and so on.

The next morning I showered with the Punisher on and decided to leave it on as I went to work.  There was almost no bulge under my khakis, so I didn’t think anyone would notice.  My job requires some intense concentration, so I was a little hesitant about wearing something that would focus me on my cock rather than work.  For the most part it went well.  I was aware of my cock the whole day, but still managed to concentrate and perform well.  I especially liked going to the urinal wearing the cage on my cock.  I think pissing in public in chastity is way hot.

Work ended early, so I had time to drive home and see my boyfriend. By now I was horny as hell, and he was happy to oblige me.  My cock was extra hard pressing against the spikes as he fucked my face.  I think having my cock in the Punisher was even more of a turn on for him than an ordinary chastity device because of the pain. He fucked my face in several different positions, then he bent me over in front of the mirror and fucked me from behind.  I could see my caged and tortured cock swinging underneath me as he pounded my ass.  He shot his load, and, of course, I was left frustrated with an aching cock.

After were through, I had to drive back to the hotel.  I got back to the hotel around 7:00 PM, so by now I had had the Punisher on for 24 hours.  My cock head was pretty much in a constant, low level pain that I was loving.  However, better judgement prevailed and I decided to take it off and to jerk off so I could get a decent night’s sleep, which I desperately needed.  After a little porn, I unlocked the Punisher and pulled my cock out of the spikes.  The relief was immediate.  However, after 24 hours, the head of my cock was covered with small abrasions from the spikes.  Very small, but there nevertheless.  I jerked off quickly and shot a huge load!  And that night I got a great night’s sleep!

So, all in all, I loved my experiences with the Punisher so far.  It’s probably not great for long term wear, but FANTASTIC for short term play.  Depending on the wearer’s cock size, pain threshold, and hardness, it can be a great play or torture device.  Another great thing about it is that the soft design doesn’t chafe the underside of your balls, and, other than the spikes, it is extremely comfortable to wear.  I’m dreaming up all sorts of great scenes, and I can’t wait to get into it again.

Oh yeah, after two days out of it, the little abrasions on my cock head are almost gone.


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