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Billy Santoro gets tied up and tickled naked

Gorgeous, hairy stud Billy Santoro ended up in the My Friends Feet tickle chair! Billy, dressed here in business attire and dark socks, is definitely ticklish as hell, squirming around like a mad man as they torment him relentlessly. And wouldn’t you know it – Billy ended up getting a raging hard-on while being tickled. It appears he likes it a lot more than he let on!

Billy_Santoro_tickled_01 Billy_Santoro_tickled_02


First Name: Billy

Last Name: Santoro

Race: White

Hair Type: Black

Body Type: Muscular


Billy_Santoro_tickled_03 Billy_Santoro_tickled_04 Billy_Santoro_tickled_05


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Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body

Drake Jaden gets tied up, jerked off and tickled at My Friends Feet


Drake Jaden is super ticklish all over his sexy body. After being captured in his business clothes, he gets tickled non-stop until he is ready to go crazy. After being driven to hysterics he even ended up being stripped naked and jerked off until he shot a thick load of cum. It would appear as though Drake loved being bound and tickled after all!

Drake_Jaden_tickled_02 Drake_Jaden_tickled_03


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How would you like to be in the My Friends Feet tickle chair?

Muscle Hunk Viggo is tickled crazy in the My Friends Feet tickle chair. Viggo is strong and muscular and not the kind of man to usually be taken lightly. But he’s SO ticklish! Check him out:

Gay_Bondage_Tickling_foot_worship_01 Gay_Bondage_Tickling_foot_worship_02


First Name: Viggo

Race: White

Hair Type: Brown

Body Type: Muscular

Viggo is another student who doesn’t mind submitting his (very ticklish) size 11 feet for worship in order to fund his education. His gorgeous body makes it no surprise he’s studying exercise science, but more importantly, his socks are always ripe from the gym!




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Stockbroker gets captured and worshiped

Kenny is in big trouble in this scene at My Friends Feet.

Gay_Male_Bondage_Tickling_gagged_01 Gay_Male_Bondage_Tickling_gagged_02

Kenny hates being in vulnerable positions and protests his predicament quite a bit here. He believes a professional shouldn’t be in such a precarious position. Kenny has gorgeous feet, so they pulled no punches when it came to sniffing, massaging, worshiping and tickling his socked and bare feet!

Gay_Male_Bondage_Tickling_gagged_04 Gay_Male_Bondage_Tickling_gagged_05 Gay_Male_Bondage_Tickling_gagged_06


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Professor gets seduced and tied up by one of his students

At My Friends Feet. In this scene, the student wasn’t too impressed with his D grade. Professor Link claims that the student deserved the grade he received, as he didn’t work hard enough. He soon changes his mind though. Professor Link turns out to be extremely ticklish, with even the slightest touch of his socked feet with the student’s fingers driving him insane. The good Professor held out for quite some time, enduring an all-out, bound, tickle torture before finally giving in to his student and bumping his grade up to an A!

Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_01 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_02 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_03 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_04


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