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Bryce Evans Tied Up and Foot Worshiped

At My Friends Feet. Cameron Kincade is up to his old kinky tricks again, this time abducting his accountant. Bryce Evans has been embezzling from Cameron, and his client finds a way to get his revenge. Cameron certainly knows his way around socks and feet, and Bryce has a pair that any foot freak would love to get their mouth and tongue on. Cameron sock-gags Bryce and worships his feet until the handsome con man shoots his load!

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Up Your Alley – Part 4

By ty dehner

After a long ride out of the city, Boss stops on the side of the highway and drops the shield in the helmet that blocks my vision. I figure we must be getting close to home, but we must ride for another hour before I realize we are pulling into the garage and he is leading me off the bike and down into the only room I’ve been in since meeting him.

He attaches the chain that is connected to my collar to a point on the ceiling lifting me up to my tiptoes and creating harder breathing as the collar chokes me. He punches my enclosed balls with is gloved fist and leaves me to moan in pain, dangling from the chain.

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Bondage Fantasy World – Part 4

By Mister-X / Spartan

When I awoke the next morning, I was noticing the smell of my body.  It was the seventh day since I’d arrived here, and I hadn’t washed.  Despite this, I was feeling a little better about myself.  I figured I’d worked off the two demerits, and I had been able to withstand some awfully extreme bondage and punishment.  Those were what I’d paid to go through, though I hadn’t expected them to be this severe.  But a frustration was that I hadn’t been able to cum with that chastity device on.  I wondered whether it would ever be removed during my stay here.

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