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Update on the New York Bondage Club

Sadly, it appears that the New York Bondage Club is gone. They shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, and that apparently was it. The club’s website has been down for some time now, and emails and IMs I have sent to the guys who used to run the club have gone unanswered.

New York Bondage Club


This makes me very sad, because in my view bondage clubs — where you can play in a safe space with other people present, or just watch — are a great place to learn and explore, especially for newbies in the scene.

New York Bondage Club


I had so many great times at the New York Bondage Club over the years. When I moved to NYC in 1992 it was the very first place I went! And my very first time there, I met and got tied up by none other than Bob Wingate and James Bond themselves, of Bound & Gagged magazine! I became a regular there, going almost every Friday night for years on end, starting at J’s Hangout, then various places in Chelsea including most recently Paddles.

New York Bondage Club

Here on the Metalbond site, I will leave the many postings about the New York Bondage Club up, but I am removing the links to their website that no longer exists.

Meanwhile, for those of you who live in other cities that still have bondage clubs, I encourage you to patronize them!

The Southern California Bondage Club in North Hollywood is active!

Issue 2 of Bound & Gagged magazine

It’s impossible to describe the amount of excitement receiving a new copy of Bound & Gagged magazine in the mail in its discreet brown envelope caused me, every other month, back in the day. In addition to providing endless hours of jackoff material, this magazine literally changed my life. Learning about the existence of a bondage club with weekly meetings in NYC was a huge incentive for me to move here! And I met many men through the bondage club and in the Bound & Gagged personal ads — several of whom I am still friends with to this day.

Bound & gagged magazine classic issues


To my great delight, Bob Wingate, the editor and founder of Bound & Gagged and also the founder of the New York Bondage Club, recently revived his personal blog — located here — and he’s also started publishing eBooks — available here — with some of his magazine’s greatest hits.

New York and So Cal Bondage Clubs are canceling play events due to coronavirus

Hey fellow prisoners, please be advised that, in an effort to help keep everyone safe and healthy during the current COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, a number of kink/fetish groups and events — including the New York Bondage Club, the Southern California Bondage Club, LA Leather Pride and Desert Fetish Authority (home of the Palm Springs Bondage Club) — are canceling or curtailing their upcoming events.

The New York Bondage Club said they are canceling their play parties scheduled for the next two Sundays (3/15 and 3/22) and the So Cal Bondage Club said they are canceling all upcoming events, including their play party on 3/14, until further notice. Desert Fetish Authority says they are evaluating each event on a case-by-case basis.

See below for further information from these groups:

New York Bondage Club

Metal would everyone to stay safe and healthy — and remember, too, that the Prison Library is always open!

The New York Bondage Club is going stronger than ever

You can join the men of the New York Bondage Club tonight — and every Sunday night:

New York Bondage Club

The New York Bondage Club says:

“Each week we play and have new guys coming to the party and getting into kinky fun. Some are first-time visitors, others have been there before but haven’t played, and of course many play all the time. Some come for a free massage, others to get off in the back. Some get naked, some just in underwear, and some stay dressed. You can chat at the soda bar, or get frisky around the club. Experience your fantasies. Don’t be shy, tell the guys what you want. That’s what makes the club work. See you on Sunday.”

The fine print:

“You must be over 18 years of age to come to the club and have a valid state ID in order to attend any of our parties. Please remember that no drugs or alcohol are allowed in our space.”

Click for New York Bondage Club

This Sunday and every Sunday in NYC: The New York Bondage Club!

If you are a local guy who wants to check out the bondage scene, or if you are an out-of-town visitor looking for some fun, be sure to visit the New York Bondage Club, which meets for play every Sunday night.

new york city bondage play party for men

Men of all ages, shapes and sizes and — all experience levels — are welcome. You can join in on the action, or you can just watch! You owe it to yourself to go at least once!

Check out their website get more information, and to see some of the action that goes on:

pictures of men tied up in bondage