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Virtual Power Dynamics

The Desert Fetish Authority will hold a “virtual” group meeting of its Power Dynamics Group monthly discussion meeting this Sunday, April 19, at 3 pm via Zoom Teleconference. Attend with or without video. Available via laptop (windows or mac), tablets, android and apple cellphones, and ordinary telephones.

Desert Fetish Authority

The Power Dynamics Group is a group of men who are engaged in or have an interest in any connection between men that involves the exchange of obedience for responsibility, as in a Master/slave, Daddy/boy, etc.

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New York and So Cal Bondage Clubs are canceling play events due to coronavirus

Hey fellow prisoners, please be advised that, in an effort to help keep everyone safe and healthy during the current COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, a number of kink/fetish groups and events — including the New York Bondage Club, the Southern California Bondage Club, LA Leather Pride and Desert Fetish Authority (home of the Palm Springs Bondage Club) — are canceling or curtailing their upcoming events.

The New York Bondage Club said they are canceling their play parties scheduled for the next two Sundays (3/15 and 3/22) and the So Cal Bondage Club said they are canceling all upcoming events, including their play party on 3/14, until further notice. Desert Fetish Authority says they are evaluating each event on a case-by-case basis.

See below for further information from these groups:

New York Bondage Club

Metal would everyone to stay safe and healthy — and remember, too, that the Prison Library is always open!

Pictures: LeathermanPS

Check out these pictures of LeathermanPS — he is a hot, booted, cigar-smoking leather man in Palm Springs with a mustache! Some of these images show him working over his “f@ggot,” whom he has locked in chastity!

hot, booted, cigar-smoking leather man in Palm Springs with a mustache


Fucking HOT if you ask me! You can find LeathermanPS on Twitter and on Recon under the name LeathermanPS. He says that recently an impostor has been using his pictures on Recon to set up fake accounts so be aware that he only goes by LeathermanPS!

New work by ty dehner: A Christmas tale with a kinky twist

MASTER EB’S SPIRIT is an original play by Ty Dehner, set in the gay leather community of today. In this play, Master Eb is visited by three Spirits on Christmas Eve in this modern styling of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol.”

ty dehner christmas carol


This will be a staged reading which is a theatre experience without sets or full costumes, with some stage action described. The actors retain their scripts, which they have studied and rehearsed with, as they move around and interact with one another. They make full use of their imaginations to bring the play to life. Members of the audience will be invited to use their imaginations in return.

This event will be in Palm Springs!

Saturday, December 14, LGBT Center of the Desert, 7:30 pm. Free!

For more information, click HERE.

Photographer Mark I. Chester: Street Sex Photos and Other Perversions

For those who are in Palm Springs, LeatherSex Conversations, presented by the Desert Fetish Authority, are held the first Friday of every month. On Friday, Dec. 6, 2019, Mark I. Chester will present “Street Sex Photos and Other Perversions,” which is described by organizers as 40-plus years of images from San Francisco’s gay radical sex underground.

Mark I. Chester


“Mark I. Chester’s work work is politically provocative, artistically taboo and socially conscious,” an announcement from the Desert Fetish Authority says. “In documenting his life, Mark has also documented these tumultuous times in San Francisco, giving a glimpse of the people and times that we have lived through. One focus of this presentation will be Mark’s new project, Street Sex Photos, which documents gay men being sexual on the streets of South of Market in San Francisco.”

The presentation will take place Friday, Dec. 6, 2019, from 7-9 p.m. at the LGBT Center of the Desert. It’s not to be missed, if you are in Palm Springs!

Details on the event available here.

Desert Fetish Authority official site here

Desert Fetish Authority

Master Eb’s Spirit: An original play by ty dehner is coming to Palm Springs

MASTER EB’S SPIRIT is an original play by ty dehner, set in the gay leather community of today. In this play Master Eb is visited by three Spirits on Christmas Eve in a modern styling of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” The first Spirit presents him with a younger self already looking for perfection in everything from his choice of a slave to the leather he wears. The second Spirit shows Master Eb how his present selfish lifestyle is driving other men and boys away from him. The last Spirit points out a future that promises to be increasingly dark and lonely. Eb needs to change and to look for the true spirit of a Leather Master within himself. But can he begin to make this change after just one night?

MASTER EB’S SPIRIT also brings new and kinky life to such men as Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Mr. Fezziwig and Tiny Tim. Yet they still retain some of Dickens’ character traits. These are some of the pleasures of this new and fascinating drama.

“God bless us all, SIR!”

play by ty dehner

NOTE: On November 16th there will be auditions for the actors to appear in the reading in December. If you are an actor, or if you know of any actors who live in the Palm Springs, Los Angeles or San Diego area and would like to be in the production, please let ty know! The web site has all the information for the performance and audition.

Official website here.