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‘Leather Through The Ages’ 
with Mr Kristofer Weston 
and his pup Amp

For those who are in San Francisco, check out this upcoming event presented by the Leathermen’s Discussion Group (SFLDG):


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

7:30 to 9:30 pm

Mr. S Leather Studio



SFLDG writes,

Join Leathermen’s Discussion Group for an evening with Mr Kristofer Weston and his pup Amp as they talk about kink through the ages. Through the generations we’ve seen many changes in the world around us, and kink is no exception. Kristofer comes from a background of intense ritual and rules where a person’s status depended on experience, while Amp has grown up in an age that thrives on social media and retweets to signify worth, but somehow they still see eye to eye. The two kinksters will take us through how their relationship works, the different influences to their lifestyles, and how the past world of kink has evolved into the scene we see today. Puppies and daddies and leather, oh my!


Details at the SFLDG page and on their Facebook page

ALSO: Check out this brand new profile of Kristofer on Vice by clicking here.

Tom of Finland Art Auction
and Reception


The San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group is holding a special event this week — a Tom of Finland art auction and cocktail party. With the help of Tom of Finland Foundation’s Durk Dehner, they’ll auction off pieces of work not only by Tom of Finland himself, but other Foundation artists, as well as local erotic artists.


Tom of Finland Art Auction
and Reception

Erotic male art auctioned to support LDG

6:30 – 9:30 pm, Wednesday, Sept. 23

San Francisco LGBT Community Center

1800 Market Street


More information here.


Boot bondage pics, boot porn sites, and a preview of upcoming bootblacking event in SF

gay bondage

I think boots are awesome. I’ve certainly licked my share, and had my own licked and worshipped. I used to be a bootblack at leather events in NYC, and I was first-runner-up bootblack at IML way back in 1998 and 1999. With that in mind, here are some various boot-themed bondage and fetish images gathered from various sites on the net:

gay bondage MetalbondNYC_boots_03 MetalbondNYC_boots_04 MetalbondNYC_boots_05 MetalbondNYC_boots_06 MetalbondNYC_boots_07 MetalbondNYC_boots_08 MetalbondNYC_boots_09 MetalbondNYC_boots_10 gay bondage MetalbondNYC_boots_12


… and while we are on the subject of boots, check this out:


gay bondage

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm @ Mr S. Playspace, 385A Eighth Street

Come and let NICK ELLIOTT, INTERNATIONAL MR BOOTBLACK 2012, show you the ancient mysteries of the bootblack, from the basics of how to care for your leather, to how to negotiate the bootblack chair — both as a client and a bootblack.

This event is sponsored by the San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group — More information here.


Also for more boot bondage — and foot bondage — check out these sites:


Boot Lust


Bare Foot Bound


Bare Foot Guys


Foot Friends


Jock Foot Fantasy


David Stein has two speaking gigs coming up in California

I had lunch today with NYC-based gay leather activist, writer, publisher and educator David Stein, who is heading to the Bay Area later this month, where he has two speaking engagements booked. See below for details.

David Stein



San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group Program

The skin is by far the largest organ in the human body, but most SM techniques evoke only a small fraction of its potential for painful pleasure. Abrasion can be exquisitely calibrated from sensuous to excruciating, and a long, patient brushing can leave your bottom’s skin so sensitive that simply breathing on it will make him shriek!

When and Where

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Mister S Studio, 385A 8th Street, San Francisco

Click HERE for details.



Presentation at Northwest Leather Celebration (May 17-19 in San Jose)

If you want to do “the right thing” in a BDSM play space or a kinky relationship, but aren’t always sure what that is, come to this workshop. It’s not about “imposing rules” or “setting standards” but about ideas you can use to make your play and relationships more fulfilling.

When and Where

Northwest Leather Celebration

Saturday, May 18, 4 – 5:30 pm

San Jose

Click HERE for details.

You can read more about David Stein by clicking here and here. You can also find him on FetLife.