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Good book: Tempered By Fire

Not long after Andrew finds true love, new and unexpected life challenges emerge. While trying to face the difficulties of his partner’s HIV diagnosis, he begins to explore deep desires that he had repressed until now. After an exciting weekend of kinky experiences in Seattle, his desire to delve further into the world of bondage and domination only grows.

As Andrew explores the gay leather scene in Southern California, he soon discovers personal strength, both mental and physical, that he has gained from the challenges of submitting to other men. Unexpectedly, the deep bonds he has formed with others enhances his commitment and love for his life partner.

In this heartfelt and deeply personal account of loss and redemption, the author describes how exposing himself to complete submission has made himself stronger. This is a story about how BDSM can be a positive and empowering force.

the author describes how exposing himself to complete submission has made himself stronger


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The West is the best

I had the most amazing time on the West Coast the past couple of weeks. I was in Southern California for business, and after my work commitment ended I met up with my good friend socalbd for some play and socializing — and we both had the opportunity to meet the awesome Tiedfeetguy for dinner.

01_socalbd_02 02_TFG


Socalbd, as you guys know, is a longtime contributor to the Prison Library. He’s the author of the ongoing series ‘10 Days in Detention.’ It was great to hang out with him for a couple days. And as for Tiedfeetguy, I have been a longtime admirer of his two awesome websites, Baring My Sole and Captured Heroes, for ages and ages, and I am so glad to have finally had the opportunity to meet him in person. We talked shop about blogging, talked about our real lives, and we really hit it off well.

From Southern California I flew up to Seattle, for another work commitment, and when that ended I was able to have some kinky fun and do some sightseeing as well. I took in a Mariners game and saw a Seahawks uniform on display at the EMP museum. One night I went to The Cuff, where they were having a puppy night, and when I was there I ran into Sparky, Mikey, Damien, DrewLion and a bunch of other guys. The next day they invited me to attend a taping of the No Safe Word podcast, episode 137, featuring Mr. Rubber Ireland.

03_Cuff 04_Seahawks_fm 05_NSW_ad

I was the featured guest on a No Safe Word podcast a while back (episode No. 54), which we did via Skype, so it was really great for me to be there in person, and see firsthand how these guys make the magic happen. Here’s a shot of some of the No Safe Word guys — Sparky, Slyy and Mikey (from left) — that I took during the taping I attended:



As you can see, it is a combination recording studio, and dungeon playroom. I had a really great time. Unfortunately Daddy Tony was under the weather that day and could not make it — I missed you, Daddy Tony!

Also on my West Coast trip, I had a couple of really awesome play dates. Without going into too many details, let’s just say that one experience was something that I had been planning for and looking forward to for a very long time, and it was absolutely fantastic. I also had a bit of an impromptu hookup in my hotel room in Seattle with a really decent, hot and kinky guy who expanded my horizons a bit, and got me to try something I had not done before. Or even thought of. It was great.

And now I am finally back in NYC — but just for a about a week before I go away again.

Meanwhile, a lot of you guys have sent me stories, pictures and links and I am a bit behind in email correspondence. But I promise to write back to all you guys just as soon as I can. And I will of course be updating Metalbond at least once a day, so keep checking back for more!


The Cuff photo used above is by JoeInSouthernCA.



Southern California Bondage Club

The Southern California Bondage Club invites you to “get in touch with your knotty side” every second Friday in 2014



This Friday, Jan. 9, is the club’s New Year’s Resolution Party!

I resolve:

  1. Get tied up more often.
  2. Tie up more guys.
  3. Learn to tie up guys more securely.
  4. Try bondage with materials other than rope, such as; restraints, chains, locks, straitjackets, sleep sacks, plastic wrap and more.


Details here.