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New at RuberZone: Shift Change

When maintaining a collection of gimps, it’s important to keep them stimulated and disoriented 24/7. But how is that accomplished? This facility uses a system of hourly shift changes where technicians constantly torment gimps. But there’s a twist! At each shift change, the previous technician is turned into a cuck, and is forced to watch and learn tricks and techniques from the replacement tech.

turned into a rubber gimp


See the VIDEO at Rubberzone

Gimp cum-extraction video available at RubberZone

When running a gimp storage facility, it is important to get the most out of each and every one. Careful assessment is required to ensure gimps are utilized fully. Technicians have observed that gimp RustyInRubber is constantly aroused and can produce multiple large loads every day. The gimp has been transferred to the milking division, where a crew works round-the-clock to collect as much product as possible from the gimps placed under their care. Between sessions, gimps are stored in heavy bondage to recharge, and are milked on a schedule optimized to produce the most output.

Gimp cum-extraction video available at RubberZone

Gimp cum-extraction video available at RubberZone


Video available at RubberZone

Title of the video: Top Producer

Featuring: RustyInRubber and Squirm

gimp storage facility

Waiting for Ross – A Master Key to the Complete Series

NOTE: This post is being updated in August 2023 with new information — and a link to a “long lost” chapter of this popular story as discovered by Sir BnT.

If you have never had the opportunity to read the complete “Waiting for Ross” series, I highly recommend it. Before I lost touch with him, the author allowed me to post the last four parts (the “End Game” section), to Metalbond. The other parts were posted to other sites, including Rubberzone, and if you are a member of RubberZone I would start here:

Click to read Waiting For Ross on the RubberZone site

If you are NOT a subscriber to RubberZone, I would highly recommend you join!

Or you can try clicking below for links to the whole series on other sites:

Waiting for Ross Parts 1 – 5

Conversion Part 1

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Conversion Part 3

Conversion Part 4 (this is a newly added link in August 2023!)

Waiting for Ross Parts 6 – 9

Waiting for Ross Parts 10 – 14

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My Rubberpig’s Hog Blog

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 1

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 2

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 3

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 4


Some of the chapters also appeared on the Eckie site.

In addition, this same author wrote several other stories, which he posted to various other sites over the years. One of this author’s other stories was a series called “Slave to Two Masters,” posted to Bob Wingate’s blog:

Slave to Two Masters – 1

Slave to Two Masters – 2

And yet another one was called “Encasement Pig Wanted:”

Encasement Pig Wanted

Sadly, after the author completed End Game Part 4, we lost touch with each other and as far as I can tell, I believe he stopped writing. I do hope the author is doing well and having fun, wherever he may be today.

—Metal (August 2023)

What’s coming to the RubberZone site

RubberZone — the online home for men into rubber fetish, gay latex fetish, bondage in rubber, rubbermen — has been going strong for 26 years! The site features personals, profiles, galleries, videos, and shopping. The “Rubber Master” behind the site is Squirm (pictured) who has written a personal message about himself in which he shares information about some of the personal/life challenges he has been going through. The good news is that Squirm has big plans for the site with many new updates planned.

To read Squirm’s letter, click here.

And to visit the RubberZone site, click here

RubberZone website for men into rubber fetish