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Rubber Meets the Road – Part 1

By ty dehner

That FedEx guy was pretty damn cute. They always look good in their deep purple uniforms. If he knew what might be in the box that i just signed for, he might just be staying instead of driving off.

In my hands was the box the Tony said would arrive today. Actually it arrived at the time he said. i took it to the computer room and cut off the brown wrap. There, taped to the top of the box was a note:

Inside you will find directions as to what to do to prepare for our meeting in two hours. Also, the gear that i want you to be is enclosed. Follow the directions as written, do not screw up or be late, or we will not meet this time. Before you open this box, strip naked!

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Football Master

By ty dehner

The weekend was coming to an end. As the sun dipped below the horizon and the lights of Vancouver started to come on around us, Sir and i walked along the sea wall of Stanley Park. A little bit ago he had gently taken my hand in his and we walked along holding hands. It was a gentle night, as a light breeze went through my BC Lions jersey that i wore. It matched the one Sir had on. We had gone to the game on Saturday night and watched them beat the crap out of Toronto, which Sir thoroughly enjoyed. After we had hit a local spot and had nachos and beer, before heading back to our hotel room for the night. i looked at Sir for a moment and he turned to me and smiled, i did the same in return. i always love looking at him in his jerseys. They fit him so good, tucked into his Wranglers. He had gotten a fresh high and tight after i picked him up before the game.

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The Yuma Territorial Prison

By ty dehner

The Yuma Territorial Prison was used in the early days of the foundation of Arizona Territory. As you can imagine it was a brutal place to be locked up at during the long hot summer of the desert. Now a State Park, there is very little left of the original prison, but there are some parts — and that is what my photos show. Interestingly, there are still graffiti from the former inmates on some of the walls.

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Up Your Alley – Part 4

By ty dehner

After a long ride out of the city, Boss stops on the side of the highway and drops the shield in the helmet that blocks my vision. I figure we must be getting close to home, but we must ride for another hour before I realize we are pulling into the garage and he is leading me off the bike and down into the only room I’ve been in since meeting him.

He attaches the chain that is connected to my collar to a point on the ceiling lifting me up to my tiptoes and creating harder breathing as the collar chokes me. He punches my enclosed balls with is gloved fist and leaves me to moan in pain, dangling from the chain.

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Up Your Alley – Part 3

By ty dehner

Finishing the shower, I turn off the water and enjoy the freshness of my naked and now clean body. Stepping out I find that Kevin has provided me with a shaving kit and toothbrush. I complete my cleanup and look into a mirror of a man who has just spent nearly a day helpless and encased in rubber as a toy to a Man who takes what he wants. Somehow I look a little differently at myself as I start to remember what I have experienced, and I see that my cock is growing and soon is at attention before me.

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Up Your Alley – Part 2

By ty dehner

After arriving home, I am led back to the play space and laid down on a bed. Soon Kevin is putting me into a heavy rubber sleep sack. I struggle a little bit, for I thought it was late and I should be returning to my hotel room. I try to remind him through the gag that keeps my mouth open and continue to drool. He shocks me and talks forcefully into my ear.

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Up Your Alley – Part 1

By ty dehner

I had returned from spending the morning down at the San Francisco waterfront exploring the tourist traps and watching the America’s Cup boats test out the waters on the bay. Having walked most the morning, I decided to head back to my hotel room after a good lunch at the Boudin Sourdough Factory. Traffic wasn’t that bad, and I was back in my room by 2pm.

Sitting on the bed, I powered up the laptop and logged into Recon and my other favorite site, Gearfetish.

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