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Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool

Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool Reluctant Young MenMeanwhile over at Reluctant Young Men, Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool, his beefy ass in the air and his cock and balls hanging visibly beneath him, in an exposed and vulnerable position, looking scared and worried.

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He punishes Joey with a whip and rawhide cane. The stinging bite of these two instruments has the muscular straight guy crying out in pain, writhing and cursing with every blow. Here’s a free video preview courtesy of the guys at Reluctant Young Men:

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Sailors on shore leave

Brutal TopsSex starved sailors Nick and Derek are on shore leave, and like most horny seamen they plan on getting pissed, causing a little mayhem and getting laid. A red light in a window catches their eye, but the promise of a sexy temptress behind the door turns out be none other than slutty sub Martin.

Brutal Tops foot domination

The two handsome muscular Masters decide to have some bully boy fun at this filthy whores expense, using it’s mouth as an ashtray before washing their stinky armpits and rancid ass holes across it’s sloppy wet tongue. Roping up the cunt they trample over it’s body and tiny cock then feed it their hot sweaty feet and toes for a refreshing bath.

lick my feet fag

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Shawn gets tied to a spanking bench

Here’s more of Shawn at Reluctant Young Men:

Reluctant Young Men Shawn gets tied to a spanking benchI really like the way Shawn takes his punishment like a man. In Part 2, Rich has Shawn tied to a spanking bench and beats him with a cane and crop. Shawn twists, gasps and grimaces in reaction to the sting of these instruments.

shawn-201 shawn-203 shawn-210 shawn-212


But he’s a tough, brave young man and he takes a good beating from Rich.

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Video: Gino at Reluctant Young Men

Here’s another video preview, courtesy of Scott over at Reluctant Young Men:

Video: Gino at Reluctant Young MenToday, it’s Gino — a tough wrestler. But he ain’t so tough, because Scott has Gino where he wants him:

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Using a whip and two canes, Scott breaks the young man until he’s sobbing like a bitch. It’s just another day at the office at Reluctant Young Men, a site with lots of pictures and videos.

Check out this free video preview, which Scott is making available to Metalbond readers:

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