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Full Fetish

Titan Men male bdsm porn

Got gear? Titan Media brings you the latest twisted kink title, FULL FETISH: The Men of RECON. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Aymeric Deville lead hot and horny gear gods Spencer Reed, Alessio Romero, Lance Navarro, Wilfried Knight and Shay Michaels in over 180 minutes of piss-spraying, ass-pounding, cum-flying action. Bodybuilder Spencer Reed and the handsome, scruffy Lance Navarro take dark and hairy Alessio Romero through the paces, coating him with piss then taking turns fucking his ass with their impressive tools. Then Alessio gets his revenge, teaming up on Lance with Spencer for some fucking and fisting you’ve got to see to believe. Sultry, hairy-chested Wilfried Knight soaks the shaved-head of Aymeric Deville before fucking his smooth tight ass against a St. Andrew’s Cross, opening him up enough for a massive dildo. Muscle man Shay Michaels submits to ripped David Anthony and his huge cock, in an intense sweat-dripping scene of piss, cum, ass-plowing, and sounding.

gay male bondage

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Aymeric Deville

Full Fetish

Check out these shots from TitanMen Rough’s Full Fetish:

02_recn_1573 03_recn_1610

Wilfried Knight, in a rubber harness apron and long rubber gloves, ties Aymeric Deville to a St. Andrew’s Cross. Aymeric blasts his first thick load all over his wet rubber singlet, pushing Wilfried over the edge, too. Wilfried feeds Aymeric’s hungry hole an enormous ridged dildo, working it inch by inch inside.

recn_1486 recn_1491 recn_1537 recn_1608


Handsome David Anthony, ripped and stern in a rubber harness and chaps, teases the thick-muscled, hairy-chested Shay Michaels, down on his knees in a rubber jock and gas mask. David straps Shay into the sling, tying his cuffed arms up to the chains. “You ready to get fucked again?” David says. Shay begs for it as David shoves a couple of fingers up his slick hole, before ramming his tool up Shay’s willing ass, rocking him back and forth in the sling.


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Gay bondage: Wilfred Knight – Post Orgasm Torment in Mid Air

Hairy French stud Wilfried Knight (of blessed memory) appeared at Men On Edge.

In leather, he’s tied up to a pillar and blindfolded. With a hard cock, his nipples are worked over and they edge him until he curses in French. With his arms up, he gets flogged hard, then they dildo fuck his red ass.

He almost cums from the constant fucking and jacking. Wrapped in leather straps, Wilfried is suspended and gagged. Edged to the point of exhaustion, Wilfred is made to shoot his load, only to be suspended again and endures the intense post-orgasm torment in mid air.

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From the vault at COLT: Armour

Check out this one from COLT:

COLT Kristofer WestonGagged, cuffed, collared and chained, Dolan Wolf is helpless, bound to a 4-post dungeon bed as leather-clad Wilfried Knight zeroes in on him. Wilfried treats Dolan like prey with intense eye contact, verbal taunting and lots of rough manhandling. Pulling out a key, Wilfried makes a deal with Dolan offering his release, but first he makes Dolan promise to give him “everything” he wants. Dolan hastily agrees with an eager and hungry nod.

COLT Kristofer WestonDolan Wolf and Wilfried KnightDolan Wolf and Wilfried Knight

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Men bound in business suits

Check out these images from REDDER, starring Wilfried Knight & Bruno Knight over at Men at Play:


When Wilfried Knight has to leave the meeting for a second, Bruno is left waiting and waiting … and waiting. And starts looking around the antique office, when accidentally he comes across the secret doorway to Wilfried’s Red Room and to his surprise he finds a man gagged and bound to a device, so he immediately goes to help him. But as he is undoing his binds, Wilfried re-enters the room and catches him. But this time its two against one and Wilfried is overpowered and strapped to his own torture chair and at the full mercy of Bruno Knight, who decides to give him a taste of his own nasty games first slapping and spitting his face and forcing him to suck him. Then playing with his hairy hole, and making it nice and wet with his tongue before giving him a deep, hard pounding that will have Wilfried begging for more.

REDDERpromo_2 REDDERpromo_7 REDDERpromo_9 REDDERpromo_10

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Men in business suits and leather


In RED from Men At Play, Wilfried Knight is a businessman with the dirty secret. When the building is empty and the doors are all locked, Wilfried undresses from his expensive suit and changes into his custom-made leather gear, and once he is ready and his blood is pumping, he opens the secret door behind his office library, to reveal a secret padded play room. And in the centre of the room a bewildered Issac Jones, bound to a chair and at the mercy of his captor. What fate awaits him? Who will finish on top in this red-hot Suit Vs Leather encounter?

RED_wilf_7 RED_wilf_8 RED_wilf_9

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