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Caesar gets strip searched in prison

Under the watchful gaze of the stern prison Governor, the guards strip search feisty inmate Caesar. This prisoner has a long silky foreskin that needs to be skinned back for a thorough contraband search! Plus they need to check behind his big dangling balls and up his tight arsehole. The power crazed men enjoy humiliating and sexually using this angry runt.

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A Week in Chains – Part 6

By asiancuffs

Part 6 – Free like a bird/a night in the detention cell

The sleep was good even though I was in seated hands above head shackle position. We were released early in the morning (again couldn’t tell the exact time, I guessed it was around 5:30 – 6:00). After our final washing at the stream, we returned to the foyer for our debriefing by the warden. He told us that we have done a good job and the standards of the walking paths were acceptable for beginners. There will be a wagon to pick us up shortly and we will meet at the roadside. Meanwhile we could pack our stuffs (do we have anything to pack?). They will take off our shackles that we have been wearing for days when we got back to the city. We were dismissed and some of us start heading to the roadside while the guards packed their stuffs.

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Taken down and stripped by corrections officers

Institutionalisation. It’s a common problem in jail. Men, treated as criminals, as bottom of the heap, their personalities change. They start playing up over the smallest thing. Like answering back a guard. This is a big mistake as they have a whole range of punishments you don’t even know exist, until you’re on the sharp end of one…

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