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Bondage and tickling with bungee tension straps

In this update from Serious Male Bondage, a prisoner is restrained in a jail cell with bungee tension straps and then gets tickled!

male bondage tickling jail cell

VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Bungee Tension Straps

Mark from Serious Male Bondage writes:

The bungee tension straps are available only from the Discerning Specialist website. They are extremely well made and can handle a full weight load. I recommend that they be purchased in a set of four or eight as they are really fun and you will find other bondage uses by attaching them together to make them longer. These bungee straps will show up in other videos on SeriousMaleBondage.com in the future.

Direct link for the bungee tension straps here.

A Game of Chance – Part 01

By Robmacz

The flight from Heathrow to Dulles was one that Tom had done a half a dozen times before. In July there was an annual conference in Washington which he attended on behalf of his company. Usually he stayed three nights and was back in London before the end of the week. He had done the sights of Washington years before and really had no need to see it again. However, this time he was taking a week’s annual leave immediately after the conference and he would be spending five days in jail.

Okay, so it’s not everyone’s idea of a holiday, but for as long as he could remember Tom had been fascinated by prison. He watched prison movies, he watched prison porn, he read books about prison and he joined chat rooms to talk about it. You could say it was a bit of an obsession with him. It was in one of these chat rooms that he met Chris. Chris was from Virginia and had a very similar interest to him. Over the last 18 months they Skype called each other at least once a week to talk about the latest photos or videos they had found. Often they would do the call wearing a prison uniform, cuffs and chains. As a kink went it was niche, but it made both of them very horny.

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Three Slaves – Part 07

By Practicerestraint

Chris led 502 out the door, down the hall, and around a corner.  Stopping in front of a double-wide door, he unclipped 502’s wrist restraints.

“Stretch a bit.  You may be here for a while.”

After he had loosened up the muscles in his arms and shoulders, 502 put his hands behind his back and Chris secured the restraints.  He then opened one of the doors and pulled on 502’s leash.  The slave stepped in, quickly stopped in his tracks, and repressed an unpleasant wave of déjà vu.

Looking around, 502 saw a medical facility that reminded him of his earlier experience.  He focused on a medical examination table with leather restraints attached.  Beyond that, he saw a hospital bed with similar restraints and stirrups; next to it, another hospital bed with Segufix restraints.  This bed was occupied, with a slave tightly secured.

“The patrons will be worked up after the milking, and 317 here may be providing them with entertainment.”

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Jail cell domination with Christian Wilde and Micah Brandt

The justice system will not save Micah Brandt from a brutal flogging at the hands of Christian Wilde, in this shoot from Bound Gods:


Lieutenant Christian Wilde dedicated this entire week to making sure that his perp, Micah Brandt, spends a long time in the nearest penitentiary. Lieutenant Wilde’s belief in the justice system is challenged when the Chief informs him that Micah is gonna be freed on Monday. Lieutenant Wilde realizes that it’s time to dish out some justice, Bound Gods style. First he pins Micah to a holding cell door, and rips his flimsy clothes apart. Clover clamps attached to the cell door pinch Micah’s nipples and hold him in place while Lieutenant Wilde torments his cock and balls. Micah is pulled off the cell door and takes Christian’s massive cock down his throat. Lieutenant Wilde suspends his prisoner to the ceiling with his ass out and unleashes his just wrath across Micah’s body as he flogs him without remorse. He then pulls out his night stick, and fills Micah’s hole with the solid black rod. Micah thinks back fondly to his relaxing cell, when the night stick is quickly yanked from his ass, and he is barraged by the flogger. Micah happily takes solace in a new cell, with some extra rope restraints. Lieutenant Wilde doesn’t like how relaxed Micah is, and decides to wake him up with the help of some hot wax. Lieutenant Wilde gleefully rams his giant cock deep in the inmate’s hole. The fucking is intense, but Micah can’t help but shoot his cum across his chest. Micah then feels Lieutenant Wilde’s cum flood across his face, as he aw

Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_02 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_03 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_04 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_05 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_06 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_07 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_08

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Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_v1 Christian_Wilde_Micah_Brandt_gay_bondage_v2

Title of this video: Lieutenant Wilde’s Extreme Justice

Models: Christian Wilde, Micah Brandt

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