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I was twenty-four when I was outposted from the Marine Corps, and returned to Philadelphia. I was lean, I was hard, I had a military haircut, and the Marine Corps “look”. After I got set up in an apartment, and was back at my old job, I soon was hitting the local gay bar scene. Philadelphia’s gay community wasn’t very big back then – not  very big now – and there were only4 or 5 gay bars. I discovered that a whole lot of gays had a thing about Marines, and I didn’t lack for dates, and in 18 months or so, I must have had a couple of hundred guys, sometimes two a night. I liked lean, hard guys like myself, and I liked to fuck. I also discovered that there was no end of guys who wanted to suck off a Marine.

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Padded cell bondage: Day Zero

Beginning tonight is a new feature here on Metalbond: Padded Cell Bondage. That’s right, fuckers, you heard me … I said PADDED CELL BONDAGE!!!

Padded Cell Inmate Metalbond

A close acquaintance of mine will be keeping an inmate captive in this very cell for several weeks. Yes, you heard me, I said WEEKS!!!  The inmate will be kept in a straitjacket and leg sack in this padded cell, with NO WAY OUT.

Do you think I am making this up? Maybe I am, but then again, maybe I am not. All I can say is this: Check back here to Metalbond for future updates.

That is, if you dare …



Hey prisoners,

As promised for your Christmas present here on Metalbond is the first installment of this heavy long-term bondage scene from the Metalbond Archives.

Here are the comments this original blog posting received:


Paul writes:

Straight jacket… Padded cell… For weeks!! Not sure if I believe this or not but you have my interest!!


Nick writes:

HOT! Is it for real?


Pigboy writes:

Damn what a lucky fucker, hell i would love to go a month or more in there!


Rdooman writes:

OK, I’m in.

My deviant mind suggests adding a remote controlled electro-shock butt plug.

Having experienced solitary in the Cox lock-up, the reality is that most bondage enthusiasts would say “ENOUGH!” after the first fifteen minutes.


Fetishbearsslave writes

Wow – hope is deadly silent in there – and lighting??? Sensory deprivation / bondage lovers’ dream cum true.


Chastrubpig writes:

Would like to think this is for real!


Chetrdavis writes:

okay, I’m ready … just send the guys (hot, muscular guys) in the white coats and I’ll go along peacefully….can I be blindfolded and gagged too?

Irish 8’s


The Warden writes:

Well it’s for real guys and it’s going to be a long trip that’s for sure. The lights are on ALL the time and the mirrored ceiling just reflects back at you where you are and what a situation your in. It’s perfectly soundproofed and is AIR tight so the only air in is what’s pumped in and controlled by The Warden.

More images and some short video is on its way.


ohrubberpup1 writes:

I would LOVE to be next!!!! I’m ready for it, maybe try for months instead of weeks this time!!!!


The Warden

Unless you have had previous and SERIOUS experience I don’t think most guys would last that time scale.

I am serious in what I do for others and would not consider such an arrangement with out some form of experience.

Also you have to think about who is the captor in this sort of LONG-term scene.


ohrubberpup1 writes:

Oh, I am serious! I’ve been kept as a rubberpup for months at a time, I’m heavily into fullbody mummification (including having been kept multiple days in a full head to toe multi-layer mummification with breathing/drinking tube and external catheter, several times. I would love this kind of opportunity!


GutterFag writes:

Well Sir, i won’t volunteer to be the captive but it might be interesting serving the Warden as his gamekeeper … i figure you’ll need assistants


The Warden writes:

Well well GutterFag, you may just be correct there that i do need staff from time to time and if you would like to make up a CV why not post it some where for my appraisal??

SERVE The Warden


OK Prisoners, that’s all for tonight. Check back here every Tuesday night beginning next Tuesday, January 1, to find out what happens next …


Christmas Whore with Good Santa and Bad Santa and their little helpers

Girth Brooks, Chad Brock, Blake Daniels, John Jammen, Sebastian Keys, Clayton Kent, The GIMP

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Good Santa was there,

To give the gift of Blake Daniels to the hot men with care.

But Bad Santa showed up to make sure that Blake worked,

and he beat on Blake’s ass if cocks weren’t being jerked.

As Santa whipped out and slapped him with his fat cock galore,

Blake sucked cock and fucked and was called “Christmas whore.”

Not yet the end of the night and Blake is begging for loads,

So Santa’s horny helpers start to take off their clothes,

With the stud’s body now covered in cum,

Santa wishes a very Horny Christmas to everyone.

Girth Brooks, Chad Brock, Blake Daniels, John Jammen, Sebastian Keys, Clayton Kent, The GIMPGirth Brooks, Chad Brock, Blake Daniels, John Jammen, Sebastian Keys, Clayton Kent, The GIMP


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