Bryan’s cock is always kept under lock and key

0071It took some hard training at BreederFuckers for Bryan to become adequately submissive. He thinks he can charm and lie his way out of this, but Dave understands what Bryan is thinking better than he does himself. Every smartarse quip coming out of the bolshy straight man’s mouth is instantly shot down as he’s ordered to remove his clothes and present his body in a respectful manner. Even after the good hard drilling given to his arse when he first came for training his hole is still locked up tight. Dave savours his warm pucker circling his finger around the circumference of his sphincter letting Bryan know it’ll be opened up later.

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Shower Assault

Meanwhile at Straight Men In Trouble, it started like any other day, the handsome young man headed into the shower, when he was overpowered from behind by a masked man, knocked out, gagged and tied up. Then while he’s still groggy, trying to regain consciousness, the stranger begins to rip and cut the young man’s clothes from his body. He strips him down to his briefs, revealing bulging biceps, chiseled pecks and strong, tree-trunk thighs.

shower-203The lecherous masked man continues cutting and tearing at the young man’s briefs, rubbing and groping his cock through the fabric as he goes, slowly exposing more and more of his cock, which is growing rock hard from his handling. When the shorts are cut away enough for his erect penis to be visible, the man starts to stroke it. In that state halfway between awareness and unconsciousness the young man responds to his touch, and soon shoots a load of hot cum on his stomach and chest.

shower-308Now alert and fully conscious, the young man finds himself tied to his toilet, his ass exposed and vulnerable. The masked madman briefly fondles his muscular butt before starting to spank it, and soon it turns pink, then red. The man continues the abuse with a wooden paddle as his victim struggles to free himself, writhing in pain. But when the man takes a bath brush to his ass, the young man cries out in agony, he’s never felt such searing pain before. Tied to a toilet, he’s powerless to defend himself as he writhes and whimpers in shame and pain.

shower-409Still tied to the toilet, his ass sore from his beating with the brush, the young hunk is horrified when the masked man lubes his finger, spreads his cheeks and shoves it into his tender virgin hole. He uses his finger to loosen the tight hole before shoving a rubber cock in, fucking him like a little bitch. He groans and whimpers in pain and humiliation, his pathetic cries eco through the room as he struggles to free himself. Next he inserts a butt plug, then leaves him to contemplate his shame and degradation. When he returns, he fucks the out of the whimpering, struggling hunk with the biggest dildo of all, enjoying his domination of the young muscle man.

shower-611The attack continues as the masked man starts a severe whipping with a riding crop. The stinging crop bites into his ass, sending jolts of sharp, burning pain through his body, his muscles straining as he struggles in his bonds. Then when he thinks his ordeal is over, the man resumes with a cane and the young man’s high pitched, muffled cries of agony filling the room with every stinging blow.


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