Jail Story – Part 1

By Bound2plzu

I’ve lived in a small rural town for a number of years and never considered it to be a big advantage over city life, until now. Our local police department was recently required to replace its almost 100-year-old jail with a new, state-of-the-art facility. The old building was left as it had been, on its last day of service. Even though the electric had been turned off, all of the mechanisms were controlled manually. Working for the town, I am also friends with one of the local officers. I asked him to show me sometime how the levers and control rods worked to open, close and lock the cells. He said he would be glad to.

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Kink in the military

I enjoyed listening to “Sir Yes Sir” — the latest podcast over at No Safe Word.


The episode features Pup Jimmy (pictured above) and Skuff Pup, from the Army Reserves and Marine Corps, respectively, discussing their experiences, as well as Daddy Tony, who served in the Navy. For me, it was particularly interesting to hear three different perspectives — pre-Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell (Daddy Tony); Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell (Skuff Pup) and post-DADT (Pup Jimmy). Way to go, guys!


Episode 99 – Sir Yes Sir is available here.




Shameless plug: Also be sure to check out the Metalbond podcast from November 2013, available here.


New Book! The Defeat of Paragon Lad

Check out this new erotic novel, The Defeat of Paragon Lad, by Todd Fleming. It’s described by the publishers as “gay, superhero, domination erotica.”


Here is a quick description of the novel:

A superhero appeared in Twin City and started cleaning up the town. Two years later, the mob boss Countertron is at his wit’s end and allies with a new player in town by the name of Shadowfox. Shadowfox also wants to take down the hero, but in an entirely different way. And as these three battle, Twin City’s fate lies in the balance.


It’s available for download at Amazon

Also check out Todd Fleming’s official website