Wanted: Male bondage models

Hey Metalbond readers, are there any underwear model types out there who like to show off in bondage gear and leather? There’s an opportunity coming up with a really good company that makes some awesome, high-quality stuff. They are getting ready to launch a men’s line, and they are looking for some men who have what it takes to show off the goods. Photo shoots will take place up in Canada, west of Toronto.

If you are interested, send me a picture of yourself and I will put you in touch with the company.


Chris Burke is geared up for some heavy cock and ball work

At Bound Jocks. After Mr. Kristofer puts a leather head harness on Chris Burke and ties the jock’s arms behind his back, Chris is forced to stand with his legs spread wide open. Mr. Kristofer hangs not one, but two combat boots to the jock’s dangling balls. Chris becomes rock hard as Mr. Kristofer kicks the boots so they swing back and forth between the jock’s open legs. He endures the pain as Mr. Kristofer slowly strokes his cock until he shoots a gigantic load!

BJ0146_X_6826 BJ0146_X_6840 BJ0146_X_6842


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Tied up at the urinals and in a bathroom stall

Here’s another one from Men On Edge. In this shoot, Scott Riley gets captured, edged and fucked by horny plumbers


Sebastian and Jessie are fixing a public restroom when they come across Scott Riley, a hot stud fresh out the Army. The temptation to play with him is too much for these pervs, so Jessie whips out his cock and they take Scott down. Scott hangs horizontally from the ceiling — and at the mercy of Sebastian and Jessie — as they tear the clothes from his body. Scott’s dick rages while Jessie worships Scott’s balls and Sebastian works hitachis up his shaft and over his nipples. To their delight, Scott turns out to be a cock hungry slut. The captive greedily sucks Jessie as Sebastian edges him. After tickling Scott to prevent a close orgasm, the two strap him down to a stall and get back to work on his cock. Scott moans through a bit gag with each edge, grinding his hips into the hitachis and begging to cum. His ass gets plowed by a plunger and vibrating dildos before Sebastian and Jessie finally allow Scott to cum. But, of course, Scott has to pay for such a privilege. He takes the load into his mouth and receives a brutal torment on his sensitive cock. Jessie gives Scott one more tickling and leaves the prisoner in his mess.

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