Brig Story – Part 8

By Tommy Guns

Finally, I came to that part of the story that is always the most difficult to tell to someone who has not been down that road themselves. I had been selected for advanced sniper training based solely on my performance during firearms training in Boot Camp. Being from New York, I had never fired a weapon before that first day, but I seemed to have an uncanny ability to put three rounds in a very tight grouping at 300 yards. My DI recognized my raw marksmanship skills immediately, and soon was lying down next to me on the range. He asked me how long I’d been shooting, and didn’t believe me when I replied that I had never fired a weapon before in my life.

My DI took the M14 rifle from me and made a couple of adjustments to the sight and windage setting, and gave it back to me. I zeroed in on the target down range and squeezed off three more rounds that went dead center and were so closely grouped that you could cover them with a quarter. This apparently impressed my DI to the point that he left me there to fire off the rest of my magazine. When I finished off, instead of returning to the rear area to clean my weapon, my DI instructed me to remain where I was. He had a new target placed on the frame, handed me a fresh magazine, and instructed me to take my time and fire off all 20 rounds in single shot.

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Brig Story – Part 7

By Tommy Guns

A few minutes after Dr. Ira left me, two of the Corpsmen I knew from the unit came in and unlocked the restraints from my ankles. They gently lifted me to my feet and guided me down the passageway to one of the private rooms off the main ward. One of the Corpsmen, Charlie, asked me if I was going to give them a problem with the restraints, but I told them I was ready. They guided me over to the bed and told me to lie down on my stomach. They unbuckled the straight jacked and told me to turn over on my back.

I did as I was told, and they removed the jacket completely. I asked them if I could use the head before they restrained me, but they told me it would be bed pans for the next few days. Charlie told me to lie down and they fastened a leather restraint to each of my ankles, and locked them. Next came a tether belt that was run from each ankle and locked to the railing on each side of the bed. This was followed by wrist restraints that were locked on and similarly tethered to the side rails. Finally, a wide leather strap was placed across my chest, under my arms, and tethered to each side of the railings as well.

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Brig Story – Part 6

By Tommy Guns

A few hours after my young Corporal left, I again heard footsteps coming down the passageway. The key went in the cell door, and it was opened by the Brig Commander. I jumped to my feet and stood at attention, but he told me to sit back down again and relax. He pulled out his pack of Camels again and offered me one. I couldn’t take one since my wrists were still shackled to my waist, so he unlocked my cuffs and lit my cigarette with his Zippo. He then told me that he had made some phone calls about my case, and that he thought I might be released back into the custody of the Special Rehab Unit.

It seems that the SP, whose nose I had apparently broken, had been counseled by some of my fellow rehabbers, and had wisely decided that it was all a big misunderstanding and he did not want to pursue any charges. That effectively knocked out both the assault and resisting arrest charges. All that was left was the catchall charge of conduct contrary to good order and discipline, the one they use when they just want to fuck with you and can’t figure out how else to do it. It could still spell the end of my career, but the likelihood of a long stint in Portsmouth Prison was effectively gone.

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Video: Dirk Wakefield is crucified and tortured at Dream Boy Bondage

Scroll down for a free video preview from the men of Dream Boy Bondage. In this episode, Dirk, his wounds largely healed after being rented out as a fuck slave for four weeks, is crucified, shocked with the cattle prod and tortured with clothespins.

A month ago, Dirk was brutally tortured for several days, the front and back of his firm body covered with deep, red whip wounds. They tortured him at the request of his master and, in return, were allowed to use Dirk as they pleased for the rest of the month. So, for the last four weeks, Dirk has been a fuck slave, his ass and mouth used by scores of men. They kept his body hairless, as a sign of his slave status, but they hadn’t tortured him – until today. Today he is laid on the cold dungeon floor, naked, arms spread wide and strapped to a wood beam, ankles cuffed together. His brutalized skin has had time to recover, although a few fading welts are still visible. He’s hauled up onto his tiptoes, crucifixion-style. Then Jared enters with a cattle prod and a pocket full of clothespins. After being repeatedly shocked and crucified for hours, Dirk’s cock, balls and nipples are covered with pins until he literally trembles in agony.

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Title of this shoot: Dirk Wakefield – Kept Boy – Part 7

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Brig Story – Part 5

By Tommy Guns

Finally, left alone in my cell, I laid down on my rack and got to thinking about the action the night before. My hard-on returned with a real vengeance, and I thought that I now had the time and opportunity to relieve myself. Alas, it was not to be. Just as I was getting into a rhythm, I heard footsteps coming down the passageway. They stopped at my door, and a key was put in the lock. I scrambled to get my cock stuffed back into my trousers, and almost made it before the cell door was thrown open. Standing in the doorway was the hot Corporal from earlier, framed in the light from the passageway overheads.

In his hands he had the leather belt and leg irons, and ordered me down on my knees facing the rear bulkhead. I said, “Sir, yes Sir,” and immediately got off the rack and hit my knees as instructed. He locked the belt in place, cuffed my wrists, and after he put the leg irons on, he ordered me to stand up and face him at attention. I struggled to my feet, turned around and stood before him. Just looking at his well toned body, deep blue eyes, and that uniform snuggly fitted to his body brought my cock to full attention again. He saw the effect he was having on me and a slight smile crept across his face. He then asked me, “I heard you’re a fudge packer. Is that true prisoner?” I replied, “Sir, yes Sir and this prisoner would be pleased to relieve the Corporal of his stress in any other way if would please the Corporal Sir!”

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Fisted in the locker room with a smelly sneaker tied to his face

At Brutal Tops, Master Aaron returns to finish off his damaging mistreatment of this pathetic sub. He barks orders at the sub and gets him to lick clean his filthy feet whilst threatening to thrash him with his belt. Then he opens up his sub’s asshole as wide as it will stretch and pushes in more and more fingers in this incredible, hole damaging session.

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Job interview turns into a bondage ordeal for Chris

At BreederFuckers, Chris applies to a job advertisement looking for a starting position and he needs someone to give him a break. He thinks Adrian will be a soft touch, but soon finds the tables turned as he’s secured down and given a swift punch to his pretty face. There’s nothing sweeter than ripping down the trousers of a straight man who has never been touched by another man. Adrian tears into that luscious sporty bum of his and pops Chris’ cherry. Dave enters and the infuriated athlete moans beneath his gag, but he finds no help forthcoming from Adrian’s wicked cohort. Adrian and Dave take turns ramming their stiff cocks into Chris’ arse till his sphincter is stretched wide and loose.

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