Cum Quietly

By Damian and slavebladeboi

“It’s funny isn’t it, what turns different people on. I’ve always been a bedroom and cellar guy. One half of me loves the sexy rubber restraint and slow erotic torture in a warm and comfortable surrounding the other half for the hard, gut churning, heartless “so you think you’re hard enough do you…?” where your heart misses a beat and your limits are there to be pushed. Neither is better or worse than the other, it’s bit like different courses at a meal.”

I looked at Greg as he sat on the floor, leaning back against the sofa wondering where all this was going.

“We’ve discussed this before though haven’t we?” Greg looked a bit puzzled, as we certainly had discussed this. We played together, in fact we did most things together, apart from living together which seemed to be something we didn’t discuss. Ever.

“I know, but it always fascinates me” I said, “You enjoy areas of kink I’d never even considered before we met yet we get on like lovers on their honeymoon when we’re together doing things for each other we know they go for.”

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Arrogant techie is dominated and revenge fucked by his spiteful coworker

The archived content from Bound Gods is vast!  In this shoot, thinking he’s rescued, Derek Scott instead must submit to his coworker Christian Wilde after being held captive for days


Derek Scott tried to evict Sebastian Keys, but Sebastian had something else in mind. Now after relentless edging, Derek remains suspended and hogtied in Sebastian’s fuck den for days now. Back at Derek’s office, a resentful Christian Wilde gets dispatched to find his missing rival colleague — that same arrogant Derek Scott who stole Christian’s promotion. As Christian uncovers the lurid scene in Sebastian’s apartment, he gets some twisted ideas of his own. Helpless to do anything else, Derek submits to Christian, deep-throating huge cock and giving a sloppy rim job.

37708_1 37708_5 37708_9

Christian swings Derek by his balls before fucking his ass. Christian next allows Derek to stand on his feet again, although bound and blindfolded, and delivers a brutal flogging before once more suspending his prick coworker as the flogging continues. The field work isn’t complete without an evaluation of the apartment’s power grid, so Christian has Derek test an electro buttplug and stimulation electrodes. Satisfied with the tests, Christian gets back to a vicious fucking before blowing his load all over Derek’s ass. Derek gracious accepts Christian’s cum, and begs for his own orgasm. Christian obliges, and Derek finally gets his release. The torment hasn’t ended, however, as Christian manhandles Derek’s sensitive cock head and balls.

37708_10 37708_13

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The Rules of the Game – Chapter 08

By Jackson Amacher

Dylan was gagged, handcuffed, his ankles chained to the concrete floor, and his ass still sore from a double-fucking. Yet Dylan felt like the most powerful guy in the room right now.

The Reds were turning on each other. Even before Colton had shouted down an offer that one of the six Reds could go free if he stripped and subdued the others, Rex had stripped Mark naked and tied him next to Colton. That’s one down, five to go.

The Reds, Dylan remembered, for the most part were not athletic types. Rex got to choose team members last, after all. Rex was, by far, the strongest guy left. He could take any of them in a fight.

So, that’s why the other four ganged up on their Supreme Leader almost immediately. They knocked him to the floor, right by Dylan’s feet. One of them sat on his chest, while the others started got his boots and pants off, leaving Rex wearing only boxer briefs and his shirt.

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Bondage in the dojo

Bondage in the dojo

At, old and new battles are heating up the dojo as the Iron Cock Master tournament approaches. Fu stands before the mirror, practicing moves and sharpening his technique when Morgen’s henchman Bird snatches him. In their lair, Fu turns the tables when he breaks free, and Gunryu appears to join the epic clash. Morgen and Bird are subdued and tied up, and Gunryu and Fu decide to have their way with them sexually to teach them true submission. The power struggle turns to a clash for sexual dominance. Gunryu rims and prepares Bird for a hard fuck while Fu gets Morgen’s cock hard and ready.

asian male bondage

Gunryu kneels behind Bird and plunges his powerful tool into the vanquished warrior. And Fu straddles Morgen’s perfect muscled body to get all the dick he desires from the expert cocksman. As the fourway picks up erotic steam, Morgen and Bird become eager participants and the punish fuck turns into an orgy between four sex-driven athletes. All four cum and seal their truce in a bond of manly sperm. Gunryu confronts Morgen and Bird about their deceitful turn and learns the ultimate truth. All four were part of the old Master’s plan to discern if Gunryu is really the man to embody the ideals of dojo master. He has excelled in uniting the Iron Cock dojo under a barrage of stress and deceit. With the addition of Master’s old student Morgen to assist Gunryu, the group will continue and prosper under a new guiding leadership.

asian male bondage

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Title: Masters Of the Iron Cock Ep 5: Things Are Never What They Seem

Rave gets verbal and dominant

asian male butt sex