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The Boxer’s Gloves: Two Points of View

By slavebladeboi

Part 1: The Boxer

It was only as I was passing the table in the hallway on my way down to the dungeon that I glanced down and noticed them. The slave was in the habit of buying me little presents from what remained of his allowance for running the Fireblade at the end of the month and on this occasion it had been a pair of black leather sparring gloves. I picked them up and looked at them. They had arrived in the post the previous morning and I often mused as to whether the postman wondered about the anonymous parcels that we received on a regular basis.

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The House

By slavebladeboi

The casual passerby would see only a large but unremarkable detached house. Set within the quiet cul-de-sac only a few hundred meters from the beach, it appeared the apotheosis of mundane suburban life. The Master had chosen the property when their relationship had become permanent. Although the slave had no input in the decision he nevertheless realized that he was an integral part of it.

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The Barn

By slavebladeboi

Part 1

He entered the building slowly, opening the door just a few inches at first. A dim diffused light made its way through the high window that was covered with dust from years past. He was sure this was the place, the place he had heard the noise come from only yesterday evening, that muffled scream which stretched out for several seconds then stopped abruptly.

The old barn was the only building across the fields, he must be right.

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The Cell by slavebladeboi

By slavebladeboi

The bolt made no noise as I pulled it back. I didn’t expect it to considering how well oiled it was but still I was careful. I doubt if he’d have heard much even if his ears were not sealed with the plugs I had inserted, with them in place he was in complete isolation a far as sound was concerned. He probably felt a slight shift in the air temperature but that would have been all.

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