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First Meetings

By slavebladeboi

I expect you’ve known one at some time or other. Maybe you’ve even been one yourself, you know, the over eager, early twenty somethings who promise to be the best boy/sub/slave/bottom/pup you’ve ever had. They promise the earth then run away fast at the first sign of a flogger or two inches of cock entering either of their holes.

Well I’ve become a bit sceptical about all the queries and pleas for attention I get these days from boys who don’t bother to introduce themselves properly or get my interest from what they write. This one seemed different. His name was Will, twenty two, not gym fit but a healthy strong body and very eager to please. We agreed to meet after several weeks of emails and a couple of coffees at a local burger bar.

I guided him into the centre of my dungeon or playspace, the name depended on how horny or sadistic I was feeling at the time. He had about a foot of chain between his ankle cuffs and a decent blindfold so walking was difficult but not impossible.

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The Need

By Slavebladeboi

He grabbed my face with his left hand and pulled it so I was facing straight into his. “You sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes Sir” I blurted out

He hesitated for a second or two. “Think boi. Remember what we said. Say no and things remain the same between us. I won’t think any less of you and you’re not to think you failed in any way. Say yes and you can scream to the angels, Christ and the fucking gods above, I ain’t stopping till I’ve finished.”

I hesitated for a few seconds.

“Yes or No?”

I looked straight into his large brown eyes that stared straight back at me from under the black leather executioner style hood he wore.

“Yes, Sir.”

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The Examination – Part 7

By Slavebladeboi

I sat back in the bondage chair and watched. David was all but making love to his brother. The leather restraints that held Brandon to the cross squeaked as his wrists put pressure on them, twisting them in his ecstasy, his brothers hands massaging his nipples and reaching down to gently stroke him to a point of no return. I could see them whispering. David stopped and turned.


Why what?

Why would you do this?


You fucking know what! You playing with us so when you’ve finished you’ll chuck us back to that greasy, sadistic perv!

I stared at him. It’s certainly not what I had intended but then I wasn’t sure what exactly I had intended.

Is that what you think?

We don’t know what to think. Bran thinks he trusts you. Me, I know better, as does my ass.

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The Examination – Part 6

By Slavebladeboi

I stood at his feet, looking down at him lying on the open canvas body bag wet with sweat and smelling of the leather he was still wearing.

“You know what I do here don’t you?”

“Not sure Sir, but …”


“Well, Sir, if you have David here I presume it’s sort of punishment.”

“Sort of? I can do what I like in here, pain or pleasure. The choice is mine”

“Yes Sir.”

“What would you choose, Brand?”

“Not sure Sir, although …”

“Yes, finish Brand.”

“Well, Sir, I was going to say you could do anything you liked with me, Sir.”

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The Examination – Part 5

By Slavebladeboi

The gates closed behind me as I drove onto the road. What the fuck had I just done? The obvious answer was spinning round inside my head, I’d just about broken every protocol of my job. I’d ignored the rules about admissions, invoices, data, official forms, getting personal with clients and especially getting personal with subjects. But who couldn’t get personal with this subject? I looked into the rear view mirror and saw those two luscious brown eyes looking back at me. Yeah, I know. I’m a sucker for eyes, delicious young boy eyes with long dark lashes that I just want to put my tongue round and kiss.

Of course, what I should have done is arrange for the official van to collect him like any other admission. Then two thugs would arrive in their solid, heavy, high black leather boots, full leather gear and MX style biker crash helmets with dark goggles and face protectors, night sticks in their belts and obvious muscles under it all. They would pull out the stretcher, it was really a simple steel grid the size and shape of a stretcher only more convenient for fixing someone to and more hygienic.

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The Examination – Part 4

By Slavebladeboi

The gates opened automatically as I drove up to them and then proceeded slowly down the drive. I knew this was the good end of the city but I had never bothered to come here before. The house looked like a small Hollywood style mansion, ornate and sitting in a decent sized plot hidden by hedges and trees. It oozed money.

By the time I got to the top step the front door opened, again automatically as I thought until I saw the boy standing next to it. I stared at him, he was a David lookalike, same colouring, same tight firm body, just a bit taller and possibly older. He kept his face towards the floor but I saw the same glorious eye lashes as I had seen the day before at “my office.”

“Ah, Mr Saunders” a voice sounded from the depths of the dark hallway, “welcome.”

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The Examination – Part 3

By Slavebladeboi

I had my fingers hovering over the buttons that would cause yet another howl from behind the gag but as I was concentrating so hard on the boy strapped in the chair I missed several times when I should have pressed them. Now the room was filled with several different but similar sounds. There was the sound track from the video. The Master’s deep bellowing laugh, the virtual slave’s screaming “please Sir, No NOOO, arrrghhh, please, please no more Sir aaaaaaahhhgggh, I’m sorry Sir, Pleaaaaarrrrrrrrhh” every time the cattle prod hovered menacingly over his torso, playing with the boy, dancing up and down his abs and stopping over his vulnerable cock tied as it was to the top bars of the cage. Every time the sound track screamed,

Zero gabbled and made screaming noises that echoed the virtual replay. He appeared to be totally taken up with what he saw, his arms flailing, his head shaking more than that collar should allow. His gloves on the screen were trying to box away the cattle prod from the slave’s body instead of pushing the red or green areas. I shocked him for not recognising that the slave should not plead with a Master but should take what he was given however it didn’t seem to have any effect other than make him grimace, howl and flex his body.

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The Examination – Part 2

By Slavebladeboi

“According to my notes your Master calls you Zero, is that correct?”

“That and other things.”


“Zilch, nada, zip, nix, shit head, … anything meaning nothing really.”

“We’ll stick to Zero here then. OK Zero. You’re here for a bit of re education. It can take as long as I want it to. I fill in the forms so if I don’t think you’ve reached your goal then you haven’t. I can make it as short or as long a process as I like. Let’s see how we get on.”

He looked in front of him without any expression.

“Mind you, it’s not all thumb screws and whips. It could be of course” I laughed quietly to myself remembering an incident last week, “but not necessarily. With you I‘ve decided to start somewhere else.”

I unlocked the base of his chair and swivelled it round 180 degrees so he was facing my work bench rather than the mirror wall.

“You see I have a range of items, whips, floggers, hoods, gags, irons to fit all manner of places on your body, clamps, chains, ropes, just to name the first shelf. However, with you perhaps we should try and find the problem you have with your position as slave.”

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