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Overnight in a full body cast

MetalbondNYC_blog_01At Serious Male Bondage, a guy is put in a full body cast. Talk about a serious bondage scene! There is probably nothing more confining than this. Here’s what Mark of Serious Male Bondage has to say:

“The guy was in the cast overnight for 14 hours. He had an internal catheter. He was very comfortable during the night. Because of his extended but bent arms and bent legs, he was able to endure the rigid enclosure. If he were lying flat like a mummy, the fatigue would have set in much sooner. Also, because of the cotton padding, he was able to move around a little inside of the cast. We changed his position from upright to lying down a few times during the night with the use of a hydraulic medical table. He woke up once during the night and because he was disoriented. He started to panic a little, but as soon as he became fully awake he calmed down and was OK for the remaining duration. He didn’t eat any solids for 24 hours before being cast. He drank two bottles of ‘Ensure’ supplement drink with a straw during the 14 hours of confinement. He wants to experience the whole process again and stay in the cast for as long as he can. It took us 2+ hours to cut him out of the cast, so that time needs to be factored into an extended stay time duration. There is no quick release for this process. The round blades of the cast saws do not rotate, they vibrate, so there is little danger of cutting through the subject’s skin. The fiberglass materials for this full body cast cost around $300. The saws cost around $280 each.”

Here are some additional pictures:

MetalbondNYC_blog_02 MetalbondNYC_blog_03 MetalbondNYC_blog_04 MetalbondNYC_blog_05 MetalbondNYC_blog_06 MetalbondNYC_blog_07 MetalbondNYC_blog_08 MetalbondNYC_blog_09 MetalbondNYC_blog_10 MetalbondNYC_blog_11 MetalbondNYC_blog_12 MetalbondNYC_blog_13

A VIDEO of this entire process is available at Serious Male Bondage.

Metalbond would like to thank Mark for sharing these pictures.

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This dude is totally fucked


Steel eye bolts were embedded into the fiberglass which allowed them to use chains and padlocks to secure him to the bed. His hands and fingers are completely enclosed in the rigid material, which render him completely helpless. From his perspective, the bolts feel as though they are actually attached within his body as the fiberglass is rigid and tightly molded to his limbs and follow his every movement. As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. He can be padlocked to a bolt in the floor, or ceiling, or his limbs can be locked together. This dude is totally fucked. Escape is utterly impossible. This is as good as it gets without having the eye bolts attached directly to his bones and skull.

Check out the video coming soon to SeriousMaleBondage.com, the source for serious bondage. This is the real deal.

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Wearing a cast

This blog is dedicated to the physically restrained male. And physical restraint can be accomplished with a wide range of implements — even something like a cast as shown here. And you don’t even have to break your leg to be put in one.

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I am told this stud was kept in this leg cast for four days, during which time the “coach” kept him in a jock or a hard cup, took him out in public on crutches, got lots of attention, and, since he could not fight back much, took advantage of him.

Fucking hot if you ask me.

UPDATE: Dore Alley picture

Hey fellas, it was not apparent to me by looking at the picture of the guy bound in public at Dore Alley, but it turns out he was in a genuine heavy-duty BODY CAST (not vetrap).

Dore Alley public bondage 2012

Mark from Serious Male Bondage kindly sent in more information about this very heavy scene:


Hey Metal,

I’m glad you picked up that cool photo of our friend Mumman in his rigid black cast for your post ‘what happens at dore alley.’ Here is more info about that photo if you care to use it:

The material is not vet wrap, but actually medical grade fiberglass casting material. 40 rolls of fiberglass was used to make this upper-torso cast at a cost of around $6 per roll, so the total cost was around $250. Once the 40 rolls were applied and hardened, the cast was approximately ¼ inch thick. It was not necessary to use this much material to create a cast like this, however we wanted to end up with enough thickness so that the cast could be cut off and reused over-and-over again.

The man in the cast is Mumman (FetLife) and the man in the tee shirt is Mister-X (FetLife).

Our casted man was in his rigid torso cocoon for nearly 12 hours. After we left Dore Alley we continued to do photoshoots with him into the night hours. Special casting saws were used to remove the cast. Great care must me taken to ensure that the subject in the cast is fed and hydrated, and does not overheat, choke, panic or vomit. A cast like this takes at least 30 minutes to remove, so any emergency can turn into a disaster. A full body cast takes at least 60 minutes to remove. We had the cast saw with us during the entire Dore Alley visit. This type of play is not for the inexperienced newcomer, and do not use any of this information as an instructional guide. Play with bondage and fiberglass casting at your own risk.

Photos and videos of the entire casting process, Dore Alley, and the removal of the cast will be available on both SeriousMaleBondage.com and our hetero site SeriousImages.com. Our casted man wrote an article about his visit to SeriousBondage Institute, which is titled ‘Mumnan’s Bondage Adventures’ and can be viewed here:


And there is yet another link to info on the Dore Alley fiberglass casting scene here:




Thanks, Mark, for this information, which is very much appreciated!


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Male BDSM: Master Nick and Master Lukas put a man into arm casts

Master Nick and Master Lukas at BrutalTops are experts in using submissive men for their own greedy and insatiable sexual needs.

Master Nick and Master Lukas put a man into arm castsDressed as doctors at the end of a long shift they immobilize their new “patient” a pathetic sub making him sniff their fragrant masculine armpits which are radiating pheromones. The tops trample the naked man so he has to stare up longingly at their perfect muscular bodies while they crush him beneath them powerful feet.

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He’s made to worship those feet and Master Lukas’ anus. The tops get their sadistic pleasure inserting a hook into his anus, which is attached to his nose so they can watch him writhe and squirm while they laugh over him displaying their ultimate superiority.

sniff my ass crack fag

To see more, join Brutal Tops